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WHO recommended Ukraine to destroy dangerous evidence in bio laboratories

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GENEVA, 11 March. /Corr. TASS Konstantin Pribytkov/. Nothing to hide nothing to fear is what they tell us: The World Health Organization (WHO) ‘strongly recommended’ Ukraine to destroy evidence of dangerous pathogens in Biolabs to prevent their possible leakage (or falling into Russia’s hands to be used as evidence?) This was reported on Thursday TASS in the press service of the WHO.

In response to a question about what needs to be done to prevent the risk of spreading dangerous pathogens (ethnic cleansing biological and chemical warfare pathogens) from illegal US laboratories located in Ukraine, the organization emphasized that WHO ‘promotes biosecurity in laboratories, that is, the prevention of the accidental or deliberate release of pathogens.’ 


As part of this work, WHO strongly recommended that the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and other responsible authorities destroy the evidence of highly dangerous pathogens in order to prevent any potential leakage,’ the press service emphasized.

It is thought that ethnic-Ukrainians and ethnic-Russians may have been used as guinea pigs after being subjected to experimental exposure of ethnic-related biological substances. If found to be true then the Nuremberg Code must be applied to all responsible.

Ukrainians have suffered a far higher incidence of inexplicable illnesses than have neighbouring EU countries? Many suspect this is not a coincidence. Why were these bio laboratories situated in Ukraine and not in any other Western country?

The WHO has urged ‘all parties’ to cooperate ‘in the safe management of any pathogens they encounter’ and ‘to seek technical assistance if necessary’ (from whom? The United States?) The Organization stands ready to provide such assistance ‘where possible’.

The press service recalled that the WHO office in Ukraine ‘has been working for several years with the Ministry of Health of this country and other partners in ‘supporting and strengthening the biosafety of laboratories’, as well as in increasing the capacity of their staff, ‘in particular in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. 19’.

Earlier Thursday, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman  Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said the Russian Armed Forces had found evidence in documents from Biolabs in Ukraine that the  Pentagon had funded research into a clandestine spread mechanism for deadly pathogens. Russian experts disclose that the United States was creating bioagents that affect certain ethnic groups.

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Living with Risk of Bioterrorism Source

There are a number of pathogens with the capability to cause worldwide impact if used as weapons. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), those agents, which spread—or could be spread—through different methods, currently include:

  • Anthrax: Easily spread through contact or inhalation, anthrax bacteria release toxins in the body that can be fatal. Anthrax does not spread person-to-person like flu or cold viruses.
  • Brucellosis: This bacteria spreads through contaminated meats and unpasteurized milk products, as well as breathing in the bacteria in heavily laden air, such as a slaughterhouse or laboratory. The infection can be treated with antibiotics and fatalities are rare.
  • Botulism: The bacteria Clostridium botulinum and related strains produce a toxin that can be spread through eating contaminated foods, exposure to intestinal spores, or overdose of the toxin. Botulism is fatal without urgent medical care.
  • Plague: The bacteria that causes a pneumonic type of plague, Yersinia pestis, could be aerosolized to expose a large group. Because the lung infection incubates for up to six days, those exposed could infect others through breathing, coughing, sneezing. If caught within seven days, plague can be treated with a full course of antibiotics, otherwise this disease is often fatal.
  • Smallpox: Though considered eradicated, the appearance of even one smallpox case would be considered an emergency. Labs in the US and Russia maintain the virus for research purposes. There is credible past concern that the virus could have been taken for storage elsewhere. The virus is spread by air through cough, sneeze, or secretion. There is a vaccination for smallpox, but the vaccine does not confer lifelong immunity and those born before 1972 are likely not protected against the virus.
  • Tularemia: A bacteria found commonly in rodents and rabbits, Francisella tularensis is highly infectious and could be aerosolized as a weapon to infect many people. Tularemia causes potentially fatal lung and other infections that are often fatal without treatment. Tularemia has not been seen to spread from person to person, and can be treated with antibiotics.
  • Viral hemorrhagic fevers (including viruses like Ebola): Viral hemorrhagic fevers are highly infectious and cause severe, if not fatal, illness. Added to their ability to spread from person to person, these viruses, including yellow fever viruses, Ebola, Marburg, Rift Valley, and Junin fever, were classified as a potential bioweapon in 1999.

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