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The Book Burning by Amazon and Cancel Culture Publishers is about to Backfire

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When historians pen the obituary of the West’s dying moments it will reveal that strategies adopted by the arrogant West backfired spectacularly. Many suicidal tactics will be covered in future news stories. For now, we focus on Cancel Culture relating to book and video publishing by Amazon online publishing.

The time is approaching when people around the world will be shocked at the extent of book publishers’ denial of books by prominent popular writers, historians, journalists and researchers.

‘This was not because there was a problem with the written content of my books. No, because the cancel culture cult had a problem with my political and anti-war beliefs. By cancelling my books, they hoped to deprive me of my job and income.’

The noted historian and award-winning journalist adds that hundreds of writers in the West have been de-platformed by the book publishing monopolies.

‘In the so-called free West, it’s as difficult to find a publisher as it was to find one willing to accept an anti-Soviet book in the Eastern Bloc. It is that bad. But all is about to change as truly independent publishers ready themselves to turn the tables on the book-burning censors.

The author currently editing and preparing for publication a blockbuster revisionist biography by one of the world’s most respected victims of political correctness reveals that a credible alternative to Amazon and conventional book publishers is about to be revealed.

‘This will be good news for book buyers who want access to objective information. It will also be a shot in the writing arm of dissident writers and researchers everywhere.’

Michael Walsh goes on to say that by Easter 2022 we hope to be preparing for Print on Demand publishing submitted works by previously censored writers, researchers and authors. If as an author of any genre of book or novel, you want your book prepared for publication Michael Walsh can take care of everything. It matters not that you are an amateur at writing and the topic of your book is irrelevant. I edit and ghost-write all topics without being judgemental.

The professionally book editor who has also prepared several scores of books for both novice and experienced writers smiles: ‘If everyone was good at writing I would be out of a job.’

The first step to self-publishing with a conventional or sanctions defying writer is to get in touch with Michael Walsh at 

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