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Today I killed my brother,

Or was it other time?

For clock hands move no longer,

When the death is not of thine.

Had be been another’s boy,

Would it matter much,

For if I kill your brother,

It doesn’t seem as such,

To take a life but brother’s death,

Is like you take your own,

It is a Civil War they said,

When hearts are made of stone.

Today I killed my brother,

He fought on other side,

And now too late I know the truth,

I know our fathers lied,

But did it really matter,

He died for his belief?

They tell me he was in the wrong,

But such brings no relief.

A broken heart of brother,

Is when you’ve broke your own,

My finger pulled the trigger and,

You’re right, my heart is stone.

Yet stones will never ever die,

But when young men in clay will lie,

They live as friends forevermore,

The Cross I bear is mine.

Michael Walsh

Anti-War Poetry


Employees of the civil airport in Pisa, Italy saw that under the pretext of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, the authorities were going to supply weapons, military equipment and explosive materials writes the information portal, Rueter. They refused to do so and informed the union. Now, Italian politicians are demanding explanations from the Italian defence minister and the mayor of Pisa, and demonstrations against such brother-killing supplies are scheduled for Saturday. Source

Donetsk… tragic

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