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No one will get out of there alive says a German volunteer about the fate of the foreign legion in Ukraine

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Most of the foreign fighters who come to fight for Kyiv have no combat experience, ex-German soldier Peter, who also volunteered for Ukraine, told Heute. And then they are sent to the front to ‘sacrifice like cannon fodder.’ In addition, guys younger than 20 years old are fighting on the side of the Ukrainian authorities, the ex-Bundeswehr soldier said: ‘It will end in disaster.’

Citizens of Austria, Germany and elsewhere left for Ukraine as volunteers to fight, reports Heute. They are part of the so-called foreign legion. It also included a former Bundeswehr soldier named Peter. There were from 800 to 1,000 people from other countries in his unit, he said in an interview with an Austrian publication.

‘Most of the units manned by the legion itself have no experience. They absolutely do not understand what awaits them there, ‘he said about the situation in Ukraine. 

Russia launched a missile attack on a military base near the Polish border where he was stationed. As a result, the targeted barracks was completely destroyed. The coordination of actions was broken and so they decided to send the surviving mercenaries to the front, Peter explained: ‘ And, in his opinion, something needs to be done, because they will all die, no one will get out of there alive.’

He also questioned the official (and western media) information about 35 dead as a result of the missile attack, continues Heute. According to him, perhaps we are talking about citizens of Ukraine, but there are much more victims among foreign fighters. The former soldier reports that one of the shells hit the building next to the warehouse, where at that time there were at least 100 soldiers, and none of them got out from under the rubble.

According to him, young guys under the age of 20 who have no combat experience are also participating in the hostilities in Ukraine. ‘It will end in disaster,’ Peter is convinced, who believes that the Ukrainian authorities are not aware of what is happening and they need to be shaken so that they take the teenagers home. He is sure that Ukraine is not a third world country where child soldiers are needed. 

Peter himself believed that it was worth fighting on the side of Kiev: ‘But not to be sacrificed like cannon fodder.’ According to him, the same fate will befall the volunteers from Austria.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon does not yet have data on the elimination of three mercenaries from the United States during the operation to liberate Maryinka in the DPR. ‘We do not have information on this account,’ a Pentagon spokesman told RIA Novosti. The agency was asked to contact the US State Department.

Earlier, the People’s Militia of the DPR announced the destruction of, presumably three mercenaries from the United States during the Russian liberation of Maryinka.

In a backpack next to the scattered remains of one of the fighters, a US Tennessee flag was found, as well as other items that made it possible to identify the dead as Captain Michael Hawker (Cpt Michael Hawker), Lieutenant Logan Shrum (Lt. Logan Shrum) and Lieutenant Cruz Toblin (Lt. Cruz Tomblin).

According to the armed forces of the republics of Donbass, these are military instructors. Their names and photos have been published which were found on their corpses. If confirmed, it would be evidence of US direct involvement in the conflict.. Source, Source 2

A Ukrainian serviceman walks by a cross in memory of a soldier killed near that spot in 2018, on a front line position outside Popasna, Luhansk region, eastern Ukraine, Monday, Feb. 14, 2022. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov advised President Vladimir Putin on Monday to keep talking with the West on Moscow’s security demands, a signal from the Kremlin that it intends to continue diplomatic efforts amid U.S. warnings of an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine.(AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)

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