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Drunk Irishman Captures Bucharest Single-Handed

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A drunk Irish citizen was arrested in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania after breaking a window and illegally entering the Palace of the Romanian Parliament. During police interrogation, it turned out that the man mistook the building for a hotel, writes The Times.

The Irish citizen, whose identity is not disclosed, entered the courtyard of the palace unhindered in broad daylight. He then clambered over a two-metre wall, smashed a window, and entered a building where he was finally spotted by the Security and Guard Service (PSS), who immediately alerted the police.

Romanian Prime Minister designate Nicolae Ciuca delivers a speech before a parliament vote on his government team in Bucharest, Romania, Thursday, Nov. 25, 2021. Romanian lawmakers voted in favor of a new coalition government led by a Liberal former army general, which could usher in an end to a months-long political crisis in the Eastern European nation.(AP Photo/Alexandru Dobre)

During police interrogation, the man admitted that he had been drinking in the Romanian capital and simply cannot remember how he broke into the building. After many hours of hearings, the prosecutor’s office decided that the Irishman did not pose a danger to society and after 24 hours he was released.

The construction of the palace began in 1984 on the orders of the Romanian Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, who was removed from power and gunned down with his family and cohorts during the Romanian counter-revolution in December 1989 when distressed miners and other workers overthrew their Communist tormentors.


According to the publication, Ceausescu, a firm friend of the capitalist West was inspired to build the structure by a trip to North Korea. He was fascinated by the many imposing structures in Pyongyang and the way North Korean citizens pay their respects in front of the colossal statues of their leaders.  

Ceausescu was ‘confused by the concept of using urban planning to control the masses.’ In 1978, Ceausescu ordered work to begin in Bucharest in order to obtain his own majestic building in the manner of the Cumsusan Palace of the Sun.  Consequently, bulldozers demolished a significant area of the historical quarter of the Romanian capital, including monasteries and the buildings of the national archive, the article notes.

Last year, the Palace of the Parliament was valued at 1.4 billion Romanian lei (₤3.35 billion), making it the most expensive administrative building in the world. Although 70% of the structure is empty today, its heating, electricity and lighting bills exceed ₤4.45 million a year. Source


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