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Both Right and Left support Putin in Italy

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There are millions in the West sympathising and supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin and typically Italy. In fact, vast numbers of Russian supporters are present across the entire breadth of the political spectrum, from the extreme left to the extreme right, according to the German television channel N-TV. 

United, they demand to stop supplying weapons to Ukraine and call on the Washington sponsored Kyiv regime to surrender in order to save lives, and the hashtag #iostoconPutin – ‘I am with Putin’ is popular on Italian social networks.

Supporters of Putin and Russia turned out to be surprisingly many, emphasises the correspondent of the TV channel Udo Gümpel, from the extreme right to the extreme left.

One of Putin’s supporters from the first hours is billionaire Silvio Berlusconi, Putin’s friend for 20 years. As Udo Gumpel emphasizes, he himself witnessed an example of the deep friendship between Berlusconi and Putin.

In October 2014, a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel was organized on the side-lines of the Euro-Asian forum in Milan. The Russian president made the German Chancellor wait several hours, because it was more important for him to have dinner with Silvio Berlusconi at his villa near Milan, according to a correspondent for a German TV channel.

The meeting with Merkel was devoted to the situation in the Donbass. Afterwards, the Kremlin leader said that it was a very tough but frank conversation. Today it is clear that the German chancellor’s lecture did not make the slightest impression on Putin, assures N-TV. Russia’s annexation of Crimea was followed only by lukewarm EU sanctions, thanks in part to Italy’s commitment to Putin.


Resistance to anti-Russian sanctions in Italy has always been great. In 2016, an Italian political delegation even visited Crimea ’to establish mutually beneficial relations.’ Kyiv then protested against this, but the Italian Foreign Ministry remained silent. At that time, the Secretary of State at the Italian Foreign Ministry, Manlio Di Stefano, called Ukraine a puppet state of NATO, reminds a German TV channel.

However, Matteo Salvini’s League was especially distinguished. In 2017, Salvini, who was once photographed wearing a Putin T-shirt on Red Square, signed an unprecedented cooperation agreement between the League party and Putin’s party, an N-TV correspondent reveals. Among other things, the agreement provided for the exchange of information in the field of security. The fact that Italy was then placed in a kind of quarantine by other NATO intelligence agencies did not bother the League at all.

According to the correspondent, Italian right-wing nationalists like to call Russia ‘irreplaceable.’ The N-TV correspondent is stunned by the huge number of those understanding Putin and real friends of the Kremlin leader in all media. Italian political talk shows are filled to overflowing with Putin-minded people who urge Ukraine to lay down their arms in order to save lives,’ N-TV reports.

Maurizio Landini, head of Italy’s largest trade union, CGIL, which was once considered communist, together with the National Association of Former Partisans and Anti-Fascists ANPI called for a large pro-Russian demonstration on March 5th. Countless protesters demanded to stop the supply of weapons to Ukraine, and Ukraine itself was called to surrender in order to stop the bloodshed. Recently, trade unionists at Pisa Airport walked out rather than load an aircraft with NATO (aid) weapons for Ukraine.

The president of the National Association of Italian Partisans, Gianfranco Pagliarulo, even stated that military assistance to Ukraine is an ‘irreparable, serious mistake’ that ’exposes Italy to the greatest danger.’

There is a widespread point of view in Italy and elsewhere according to which the West controls the puppet government in Kyiv, and Putin fights against the Zionists in the Kiev government. Among the adherents of this position are not only former supporters of the once largest communist party in Western Europe, the ICP, but supporters of radical left parties also support Putin.

According to the German TV channel, there are also many young people among them who have turned their hatred of the ‘West’, ‘US imperialism’ and ‘German dominance in Europe’ into political sympathy for Putin. Russian news about the special operation in Ukraine is gaining thousands of likes on social networks, and for several days the hashtag #iostoconPutin (‘I am on the side of Putin’) was extremely popular. Source


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