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Germans are fed up to the back teeth with being a Pentagon Military Colony

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The arsonists in Kyiv are simply trying to save their regime and for this, they are ready to drag the whole world with them into the abyss,’ editor-in-chief Jürgen Elsesser writes on the pages of the German Compact magazine. 

In his opinion, in this situation, the Germans should not help NATO, but remain neutral, and also get rid of the status of a ‘Pentagon military colony’, for which he announced the free distribution of T-shirts to his readers with the inscription: ‘Yankees, go home!’

But the patriots of Germany must defend their interests, not the interests of Ukrainians and Americans. And it is in the interests of Germany to maintain peace with Moscow, after all, even in the frostiest years of the Cold War, Moscow remained a reliable supplier of cheap oil and gas. And what did Ukraine supply us with? Nothing. They always wanted only money from us and now they also want weapons and soldiers, to die for Kyiv? No thanks!’

There is one important lesson to be learned from history, advises Elsesser: ‘Never again should Germans and Russians be allowed to pit them against each other. Not one soldier for NATO, not one cent for NATO, no sanctions against Russia, no hatred towards Russia,’ he urges.’ Instead, launch Nord Stream 2, the peace pipeline.’


The author is convinced that in the current situation, only neutrality will allow the Germans to survive. And in connection with this, he announced the free distribution of T-shirts with the inscription: ‘Yankees, go home!’ when buying any product in the online store

Compact. In his opinion, Germany remains a military colony of the Pentagon and the Germans need to get rid of the occupying forces, their special services, killer drones and Big Brother.  Source


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    • In fairness, remember Western elections are hopelessly skewered and the party (wink wink) most likely to win a majority is not permitted… even a shadow of it, to encroach on the agenda of the occupiers.


  1. I know that, but if everybody refused to vote, that would be proof of fraud. I once arrived at the polling booth 10 mins before closing time and someone had already voted for me. Reminds me of the story of the burglary in the (Soviet-era) Kremlin. Somebody stole next year’s election results.

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