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NATIONALISTS Reluctance to sponsor books responsible for more book banning than Amazon

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FROM GERMANY MARCH 24: ‘Hello Mr Walsh, like so many others, I fell for the mainstream version of history until I stumbled across your work, namely, a copy of your very excellent book Life in the Reich.

 It was beautifully written and shockingly informative, and I very much wish to acquire each and every one of the novels you have written on the Romanov/Third Reich/Bolshevik conflict for two purposes: one, to better inform myself. I am an ethnic German myself, so this subject is very important to me, and two, to better inform my work.

‘One of the things which I aim to do with my modified fiction is to do what I can to chip away at the myths surrounding the 20th century and get the truth to my readers.’ (This approach was successfully used by Lady Antonia Fraser who explained English history to a wider audience by writing real history in the form of a novel).

We have more than enough modern books supporting cultural Marxism, and the work of the ‘conservative’ controlled opposition is simply embarrassing.

If we are going to affect meaningful change and bring the truth to light, we must reach young people through books, movies, stories, etc. Ergo, I would very much appreciate instructions on how to acquire the PDFs for all your eBooks, which would be an invaluable help in my endeavours.

Related books The Last Gladiators: Fiancés of Death (Paperback / Ebook), Rhodesia’s Death Europe’s Funeral (Paperback / Ebook), Africa’s Killing Fields (Paperback / Ebook), A Leopard In Liverpool (Paperback / Ebook), The Stigma EnigmaThe Stigma Enigma (Paperback / Ebook), The Souls Meet, The Dovetails, The Business Booster, Debtor’s Revenge by Michael Walsh

Mike Walsh, author of Witness of History, All Lies Invasion I (Paperback / Ebook), All Lies Invasion II (Paperback / Ebook), Reich and Wrong, Heroes Hang When Traitors Triumph, Heroes of the Reich, Megacaust, Odyssey Adolf Hitler, Trotsky’s White Negroes, Sculptures of the Third Reich: Arno Breker and Reich Sculptors Volume I, Sculptures of the Third Reich: Josef Thorak and Reich Sculptors Volume II, Sculptures of the Third Reich: Porcelain and Reich Sculptors Volume III, Art of Adolf Hitler, The Red Brigands, Ransacking the Reich, The Holy Book of Adolf Hitler, RISE OF THE SUN WHEEL (Paperback / Ebook), Death of a City, and many other books. CLICK the book titles that interest you to gain access.


As I’m sure you know, both Barnes and Nobles and Amazon have completely banned your work, and even the hilariously underregulated sites such as abebooks and Ebay have unlisted you as well, which means someone really, really doesn’t want this information to come to light.

So as a last resort, I am emailing you directly. I’m sure you get a lot of fan mail, but I would very much appreciate it if you could email me the eBook PDFs or, since you do make your living as a writer, tell me where I could buy them. Thank you for your time, and have a good day. Michael K. (Germany).

MICHAEL WALSH: ‘Thank you for your thoughts and good wishes with your writing endeavours. Sadly, whilst several of my books (scroll down my home page) have been produced in PDF form the initiative, at the moment, is on hold. Each takes much hard work leaving aside the years of work that goes into creating a book title.

Donations and sponsorship will turn the PDF key on a vast number of at present banned books. Alas, the response to my appeals for donations has met with a negative response. Kind regards, Michael (Walsh). 

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