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Remember when the Allies waited until the war was over before they began Looting

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PIRACY on the high sea returns to Europe under the Sanctions Skull and Crossbones: ‘They’re not boats an ordinary citizen would have, but they’re not 150 meters long either,’ Sami Rakshit, head of the enforcement department, told the publication. ‘We don’t assume that all the detained yachts fall under sanctions, but that is what we are trying to determine now.’

The yachts will stay in Finland until authorities confirm the owners. Adobe

Earlier this month, the Finns seized a 105-foot superyacht they claim without proof may be linked to former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. And Finland is not the only country playing cat and mouse on the high seas, either. A number of Western countries and the US have announced severe sanctions on members of the Russian elite who they claim have ‘aided Putin’ in his ‘invasion of Ukraine.’

The superyacht “Dilbar” was previously seized by German authorities in Hamburg. Robb Report File

Italy’s finance police recently impounded an iconic sailing yacht owned by Russian millionaire Andrey Melnichenko, for instance, while French authorities seized the 289-foot Amore Vero linked to Russian oligarch Igor Sechin. Germany even joined in by impounding the 512-foot superyacht Dilbar owned by Russian tycoon Alisher Usmanov.

Note: oligarchs is a weapon word exclusively used to vilify Russia’s successful entrepreneurs. Their Western associates are lauded by mainstream media and elected to high positions.

Rakshit told Bloomberg the ships in Finland will be held as long as necessary to wrap up the investigation. If links to sanctioned individuals are confirmed, the cases will be taken over by the National Enforcement Authority of Finland.

Superyacht “Scheherazade” is docked in Italy while authorities determine if it has ties to President Vladimir V. Putin. Wikimedia Commons


Italian authorities are facing the same lofty task with a $700 million superyacht that is currently dry-docked in the port of Marina di Carrara in northern Tuscany. The 459-footer, known as Scheherazade, has potential ties to President Vladimir Putin, but the real ownership appears to be shrouded by various shell companies. One wonders if the super-rich of non-Western nations will ever risk investing in the West again? Source


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