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Europe Dies if War Continues America dies if War Stops

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The United States is refusing to participate in efforts to negotiate a cessation of hostilities in Ukraine. Its actions, on the contrary, are aimed at continuing the conflict, according to a retired senior American diplomat who has held many senior positions, including assistant secretary of defense for international affairs. Chas Freeman. In an interview with The Grayzone expressed the opinion that the West, in fact, says that it will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian.

It seems to me that everything we are doing fails to contribute to the cessation of hostilities and the achievement of some kind of compromise, but, on the contrary, is aimed at prolonging the war. 

After all, we are helping the Ukrainian resistance, which only leads to more Ukrainians being killed, as well as Russians being killed. In addition, our sanctions are not directly linked to any goals. We have not set any conditions that could mean the end of them,’ says Chas Freeman.

He noted that after the end of the Cold War, the United States included in its sphere of influence all countries up to the borders of Russia, and Ukraine, which was no longer neutral after 2014, was no exception. 

Since around 2015, the US has been arming and training Ukrainians against Russia. And the very fact that Ukraine could become a member of NATO was directly related to the decision of the Russians about a military special operation. As former State Department adviser Elliot Cohen put it, in Ukraine today theUnited States and its NATO allies are waging a proxy war with Russia.’ And these words, Freeman states, are consistent with the US neoconservatives’ goal of regime change in Russia, and are also consistent with the struggle to achieve this goal.

‘For the US, such a policy is essentially without cost, as long as we do not cross some kind of Russian red line, which will lead to an escalation of the conflict already directly against us. 

We are, as Professor Cohen said, a proxy war and we sell a lot of weapons. This pleases the military-industrial complex. We support the stubborn resistance of the Ukrainians, which gives politicians a reason to ‘croak’ about this at the top of their lungs. 


We oppose Russia officially designated as our enemy, which makes us feel right. So, from the point of view of those who have these selfish views on the unfolding crisis, this is a real ‘freebie,’ the expert believes. Source



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