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Cancel Culture Removes Cologne Cathedral from the Skyline

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The ancient German city of Cologne’s twin-spired cathedral is as iconic to Germany as is the Kremlin to Russians. The great Gothic cathedral is now just short of its 1,000th-year anniversary having been built as early as 1245AD. Now, the city of Cologne will remove the iconic Cologne cathedral tower from its logo. It will use a new logo in the future for the letterhead and on work clothes, but a large outcry has erupted due to the decision.

‘My 92-year-old mother is stunned, my 11-year-old godchild is crying and my friend in London does not understand it,’ writes the sculptor and painter Cornel Wachter, for example.

The president of the German-Hungarian Society, Gerhard Papke, also commented on the project on Twitter: ‘The decision in Cologne to remove the cathedral from the city’s logo should not come as a surprise, since mosques were recently expressly allowed to call the muezzin.’ Papke was referring to Cologne’s controversial decision last year to allow the ‘call to prayer‘ in the city.

The renowned monument is a World Heritage Site, the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe has the largest facade of any cathedral in the world, and is the most visited landmark in Germany. As a result, not only Christians have a special place in their heart for the cathedral, but also people who simply appreciate the culture and architecture of the city, with the twin spires of the cathedral has dominated the city skyline for centuries.

Politicians from various parties have decried the decision, including Alternative for Germany’s Beatrix von Storch, the deputy parliamentary leader of the party, who wrote on Twitter, ‘The mayor removes the Cologne Cathedral from the city logo because it is ‘old-fashioned.’ Nobody conquers our country. It is we ourselves who voluntarily erase our culture. We create a vacuum that others are happy to fill.’

Although the city paid €10,000 to a design firm to change the logo, the cost of adding a new logo to letterhead, city buildings, city vehicles, and in other areas will likely cost 100s of thousands of euros, if not more.


The city administration justified the redesign of the logo after commissioning a market analysis. According to the German newspaper Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, the interviewees found the previous logo with the church to be ‘old-fashioned, bulky and emotionless.’

NOTE: Allied propagandists of World War II depict the great cathedral’s survival during the RAF/USAAF carpet bombing of Germany to be a miracle. This is a lie: at briefings, Allied bomber pilots were ordered to avoid bombing the iconic cathedral ~ because it acted as a guide for the bomber’s crews.

Rosie is a former citizen of the City of Cologne.

Your Article on the Cologne Cathedral, the City where I was born, upset me very much.

Excerpt from your article:

Now, the city of Cologne will remove the iconic Cologne cathedral tower from its logo. It will use a new logo in the future for the letterhead and on work clothes, but a large outcry has erupted due to the decision.

The “Dom” was for Centuries the City’s Emblem, many times I climbed the spiral staircase to the top overlooking the city and the Rhein, all this will be tossed aside and wiped from memory by our evil politicians that have no pride or soul left in them, only greed. They are all dancing to the tune of a distant “drummer” that has one goal in mind; to slowly and surely destroy the history and culture of the past,  making room for a callous world without heart and soul! An endless and continuous plan to destroy European History and National Pride.

The Foundation for the current Cologne Cathedral was laid in 1248, I will never forget this as our teacher used a certain method so we could memorize important dates e.g; 12 goes 4 x in 48…. 

Some additional History:

The Cologne Cathedral St. Peter’s Bell was the largest swinging Bell until 2016, its weight is (24 Tons) ( in our dialect it would be called “Der Dicke Pitter” in  English “ Fat or Big Peter” )

Plenum of 11 Bells

The foundation stone of the Gothic Cathedral was laid on 15 August 1248 on the celebration of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

The site of Cologne Cathedral has been occupied by Christian churches since about the 4th century. An older cathedral was destroyed by fire in 1248, and immediately thereafter work began on the present cathedral, which was designed in the Gothic style in emulation of French church architecture. The choir was consecrated in 1322, but construction continued until 1560 (or only until 1520, according to some authorities). The project then stalled for centuries, with a large wooden crane left standing some 184 feet (56 metres) above the ground, at the top of the south tower. During the 1790s, troops of the French Revolution occupied Cologne and used the cathedral as a stable and a hay barn. Restoration work began in the 1820s, spurred on by Sulpiz Boisserée, a German proponent of the Gothic Revival movement. In 1842 a new cornerstone was laid by King Frederick William IV of Prussia, and work to complete the cathedral resumed in earnest. The architects Ernst Friedrich Zwirner and Richard Voigtel carried out the enterprise, guided by architectural drawings made in about 1300. Construction finally ended in 1880.

History of 4711

Memories from many years ago

‘Here is another one that was printed in German in the Magazine produced by the Manufacturers of 4711.
It was a lot of fun, my Friend Clara took the picture we kept laughing our heads off as I kept sliding off the hood and had to hang on to the windshield wipers to steady myself’ ~ says Rosie.

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Cologne 1945

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