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Politicians Panic as Sanctions intended to destroy the Russian Economy instead Destroy Western Economies

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Prices for many essential commodities, food, fuel, plastics, and metals in the Western world, have soared beyond what many consumers can afford. As a result, cash-strapped consumers are forced to cut their spending. If this trend accelerates, it could lead to Western economies that have already suffered from the pandemic again plunging into the abyss of recession – perhaps for generations. Lured and imported Third World migrants may soon feel more at home than they counted on.

DAMAGE LIMITATION: In a futile attempt to salvage something from the wreckage of a backfiring anti-Russian sanctions policy the blame game is being shifted by politicians and their mainstream media to ‘world recession’, ‘the war in Ukraine.,; ad ‘Putin’s invasion’. It is nothing at all to do with sanctions misfiring of course. Politicians are without guilt but not without shame as the buck is shifted and scapegoats found.

‘Anyone with half a brain cell can see this blame-shifting is doomed to failure,’ says Michael Walsh, media specialist. ‘No other crisis, not even two world wars, the Cuban Missile Crisis, a score of disastrous NATO wars, marginally affected supply or demand – except in the unfortunate nations carpet-bombed back to the Stone Age themselves by NATO’s Blunder- Buses.’ Soon, we shall all resemble shell-crater Libya ~ but blame Putin.

Rather than placing the blame on the West’s inept and out of their depth politicians, many politicians Klaus Schwab or George Soros sponsored, the ‘on-message’ media is avoiding the term ‘sanctions’ as being the sole culprit for the disaster that has befallen the Western world. Every expression, no matter how bizarre and far-fetched is penned on tabloids, television and radio news channels.

There is the predictable refrain: ‘’Nothing to do with us or sanctions’, it is ‘global trends’, the war in Ukraine (which they forced on Russia and Ukraine). Another is that ‘rising gas prices in China’ get the blame for your empty supermarket shelves. Really?

Rising gas, fossil fuel, electricity, food prices. In the desperate scramble to dodge the bullets of a betrayed people reduced to revolutionary fervour, the mainstream media is rushing to the rescue of the self-appointed rotating dictatorship that infests the Western world like a cancerous growth.

‘It is the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine so blame Putin.’

In Western countries, rising energy and food prices may force households to forego spending on all but essentials. By an electric car to save the environment. Not so fast, the price of lithium, thanks to WESTERN sanctions, has risen by 500 per cent. Blame Putin.

Strangely, prices throughout the non-Western economies are stable and in Russia, many prices, especially on food and commodities, are falling. Russians are enjoying low fuel prices as fossil fuel snubbed by the European Union is diverted to Russia and China. There is no recession or shortages in 90 per cent of the world but some may suffer blowback – from Western arrogance. 


Europe alone shoulders the greatest threat as it is largely dependent on Russian supplies. Natural gas prices on the continent are now six times higher than a year ago, and electricity is almost five times more expensive.

Rising prices may be superimposed on the conflict that flared up on the very border of the EU. Inflation is soaring as are the numbers of homeless and hungry – not because of a global downturn but because anti-Russian sanctions intended to ‘punish Russia’ spectacularly backfire. U.S. oil prices rose sharply in January and February amid growing fears of conflict, and retail gasoline prices hit a record high of $4.31 a gallon. Source


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    The mentally challenged brainwashed idiots in the West put Ukrainian flags everywhere and parrot what their lying media are vomiting.

    We’ll see in 6 months how much they will stand for the jew puppet zelensky and his globalist pimps of Davos…

    If the XXX dose didn’t kill these morons first…

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