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The Biggest Election Scam in Hungarian History as the Soros Sponsored globalist Left Grab Database

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Hungary’s Christian KDNP party is accusing the left of using an illegal offshore database to contact voters against their will. Hungarians go to the polls on April 3. The left is carrying out the biggest election fraud in the history of Hungarian democracy, said Lőrinc Nacsa, a spokesman for the Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP), in a video statement sent to MTI on Thursday.

Lőrinc Nacsa accused the left of mass fraud by contacting Hungarian voters with an illegal database they never opted into (Source: MTI)

He explained that on Tuesday, his party received countless reports that many had received unsolicited text messages urging them to support the left. After the mass texting, the left opposition, represented by Péter Márki-Zay, launched campaign phone calls on Wednesday using a database compiled by illegal means.

According to Nacsa, mass spamming with SMS and phone calls was sent to those who never gave their details to any left-wing party or organization. None of those contacted consented to be contacted. Gordon Bajnai, the former left-wing prime minister opposition to Viktor Orbán, is accused of offering the country’s opposition access to the DatAdat database, which was illegally compiled and owned through a foreign offshore company.

With the help of the Bajnai database, Péter Márki-Zay and his socialist ally, Ferenc Gyurcsány, are conducting a campaign based on election fraud, the KDNP faction spokesman stated. ‘That is why it is important that we be there on 3 April and not allow the left, which would plunge the country into war and destroy the results we have achieved together over the last 12 years, to come to power through fraud,’ he said.

The Washington-sponsored war in Ukraine is currently dominating the election in Hungary, with Gergely Gulyás, the minister in charge of Viktor Orbán‘s office, saying on Hír TV on Thursday night that Hungary’s left is looking to drag Hungary into the conflict.

‘Based on statements made by the left in recent weeks, it is clear that if they were in power, we would send soldiers and weapons, support a no-fly zone, and impose energy sanctions. It would drift into the war and destroy the Hungarian economy,’ he emphasized. Hungary shares a border with Ukraine.

Gulyás remarked that Márki-Zay’s inconsistent statements on the campaign trail, and that if Márki-Zay wins, it could mean Hungarian soldiers and weapons being sent at NATO’s request. The chiefs of the left-wing parties are also behind this pro-war stance as well, Gulyás noted. According to Gyurcsány, if Hungarians do not help, then they are an ‘unworthy’ people. Other prominent left-wing politicians, such as András Fekete-Győr, argued in favour of arms transfers, and Anita Potocskáné Kőrösi, the vice-president of Jobbik, wanted to send Hungarian troops into Ukraine.

He noted that Hungary had voted in favour of the sanctions adopted by the European Union but that Hungary should not accept sanctions that would hurt the country more than Russia. Gulyás also spoke about serious, massive violations and crimes in the interests of the left during the campaign, pointing to the illegal database being used to contact voters. He said that the use of such a database on such a large scale is unprecedented.

The minister also spoke about many international observers coming to the election and said of the OSCE delegation may contain left-wing supporters and observers.

‘There was open cooperation with George Soros and his organizations for many years. We can not assume an objective report is being made,’ he said. Gulyás was referring to the OSCE election observation mission, which has been accused of extreme left-wing bias and attempting to delegitimize the election.


The organization of the Hungarian elections and the registration of addresses are among the most accurate in Europe, Gulyás stressed. He indicated that the election office is working well, the voting legislation is clear, and there is no need to fear election observation. ‘No one wants to cheat. We want to be re-mandated to form a government in a democratic test,’ he said.


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