The Nazi Atrocities Slur is Great Propaganda but does it Reflect Reality

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The nations of the military victors of World War II, especially Russia, are convinced that ‘Nazis epitomise evil incarnate’. This media promoted belief is now deeply ingrained. It is a tattoo on the consciousness of Russians, Britons and Americans and is difficult to remove.

Most Europeans have a more realistic and sanguine view of the period as their forebears lived under German occupation and report that life went on more or less as normal during the occupation.

‘I have in my possession a letter from the official historian of the Louvre in Paris in which he states unequivocally that no German soldier plundered French or indeed any other art museum. Furthermore, I quote the American Major General Le Roy Lutes in a Stars and Stripes newspaper interview of Oct 1944: ‘I am told the Germans neither plundered homes, factories nor art museums. In fact, we are told by the French that the Germans treated them fairly and correctly.’ ~ Gerry Frederics, Art Historian.

In respect of the current conflict, the ‘neo-Nazi’ slur on Ukraine’s armed forces and especially the influential Right Sector’ is undoubtedly a propaganda coup for the Russians and an embarrassment for the rotating dictatorships of the Western Powers. However, inconvenient history and reality suggest that the Allied wartime and post-war propaganda is poppycock.

THE MOST CORRECT IN HISTORY OF WARFARE ‘In their behaviour toward the women of conquered territories, the German troops seem actually to have been the most correct and decent in the whole history of warfare.’ – Dr A. J. App. PhD. 

RAPE, PUNISHABLE BY DEATH Rape was virtually unheard of in the German Armed Forces and was in fact punishable by death.

WILLIAM SHIRER a Jewish correspondent and author of the deeply flawed Rise and Fall of the Third Reich and so hardly a Nazi sympathizer) in his Berlin Diary, reported how ‘on June 17 1940, in the first flush of German occupation women had fled Paris in fear of the Germans.  ‘It the Parisians actually believed the Germans would rape the women and do worse to the men… the ones who stayed are all the more amazed at the very correct behaviour of the troops.’

UNCOMMONLY CHRISTIAN Frederick C. Crawford, President of Thompson Products, on January 4 1945, in ‘A Report from the War Front’ resulting from an inspection tour taken along with others and organized by the War Department, said:

‘After four years of German occupation, The Germans tried to be careful in their dealings with the people. We were told that if a citizen attended strictly to business and took no political or underground action against the occupying army, he was treated with correctness. (p.5)

‘In short, wherever Americans have been able to investigate for themselves, they have found that however ruthless the Germans were with resisters and saboteurs, they were uncommonly Christian and decent towards the women of the conquered.’

‘The German behaviour was correct; that they were quite amiably received by most people; there was no real sabotage and no real resistance movement.  That as long as there was food, the civilians had their fair share and the conditions for the islanders were a good deal better than it was for the Wehrmacht in May 1945.’ – Charles Cruickshank, Oxford University Press. ‘As far as I am aware, there is not a single incident in which the so-called anti-Christian Nazis murdered a priest.’ – Dr A. J App. Ph. D

BORN OF PROPAGANDA ‘It must be brought home to the American people that much of what they have been led to believe was born of propaganda.  That the German Army, for example, actually behaved itself very correctly toward the people of occupied territories whose governments were signatories to the Hague and Geneva Conventions.  The facts are now well known, and are beyond dispute, despite the opposite picture painted in the Press as part of the horrendous business of war.’ – Ralph Franklin Keeling, Institute of American Economics, Chicago, 1970.

THE CHANNEL ISLANDS (OF BRITAIN) ‘The German behaviour was correct; they were quite amiably received by most people; there was no real sabotage and no real resistance movement.  That as long as there was food, the civilians had their fair share and the conditions for the islanders were a good deal better than it was for the Wehrmacht in May 1945.’ – Charles Cruickshank, Oxford University Press.

ANGELS COMPARED WITH BRITAIN’S ALLIES ‘The Germans were angels compared to the Communists.  Persecuted Christians came out of hiding.  My father who had been arrested was released by the Germans.  He came home with his hands raw.  The Communists had tortured him by plunging his hands into boiling water until his skin came off like gloves.’ – Zite Kaulius, The Advocate, Newark, April 1964.

‘Very few German officers committed actions by their own free will during World War 11 of such a nature that they, because of such actions, could be regarded as war criminals.’ – Major General H. Bratt, Royal Swedish Army.

‘The American admirals were courageous.  They defended their German counterparts and saved their lives.  Why didn’t the generals of the ground armies do as much?  They behaved contemptibly because I don’t think that the German ground armies committed any crimes.’ – General of the Army, Lionel-Max Chassin. Assistant Chief of Staff, French Army.

‘During my period of Command in the Middle East and Mediterranean Theatres, there were no breaches of International Maritime Law by the Axis Powers reported to me. 

The Americans (Philippines) and the Spanish favoured the garrotte as a means of execution, the last taking place in 1972.

My own feelings on that matter were that those who had committed War Crimes should have been dealt with by Military Courts after the Armistice and that the Nuremberg Trials were staged as a political stunt.’  – Field Marshall Lord Henry Maitland Wilson of Libya. Commander-in-Chief, Middle East, 1943. Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean Theatre, 1944.

‘… for I have never heard of any illegal or barbarous act committed under his (Admiral Karl Doenitz) orders.  I feel strongly that sailors, soldiers and airmen whose only ‘crime’ is the effective professional direction of the forces under their command, should not be liable to such trials.’  – Major General Sir William L. O Twiss, KCIE. CB. CBE. MC. FRGS. General Officer Commanding, British Army in Burma.

U.S. GENERAL SPEAKS OUT: ‘My service during World War Two was in command of an armored division throughout the European campaign, from Normandy to Saxony. My division lost quite a number of officers and men captured between July 1944 and April 1945. 

‘In no instance did I hear of personnel from our division receiving treatment other than proper under the ‘Rules of Land Warfare’.  As far as the 6th Armored Division was concerned in its 280 days of front-line contact, there was no ‘atrocity problem’.

‘Frankly, I was aghast, as were many of my contemporaries, when we learned of the proposed ‘war crimes’ trials and the fact that military commanders were among the accused. I know of no general officer who approved of them.’ Major General Robert W. Grow, U.S.A. Commander 6th Armored Division in Europe. World War Two.

‘I can vouch that during the five years of fighting of our Fleet, mostly attached to the British Fleet; I never heard any complaint of atrocities in submarine warfare.’- Vice Admiral Epaminondas P. Cawadias, Royal Hellenic Navy.

‘The most amazing thing about the atrocities in this war is that there have been so few of them. I have come up against few instances where the Germans have not treated prisoners according to the rules and respected the Red Cross.’ – Cf. The Progressive, February 4 1945. London Express, Allan Wood, War Correspondent.

‘The Germans even in their greatest moments of despair obeyed the Convention in most respects.  True it is that there were front line atrocities – and passions run high up there – but they were incidents, not practices, and German maladministration of their American prison camps was very uncommon.’  – Lieutenant Newton L. Marguiles. U.S. Assistant Judge Advocate, Jefferson Barracks. April 27 1945.

Tommy Atkins in Austria.

FOREIGN WORKERS ‘It is true that the Reich exacted forced labour from foreign workers, but it is also true that they were, for the most part, paid and fed well.’ – Ralph F. Keeling, Gruesome Harvest, American Institute of Economics. ‘I think some of the persons found themselves better off than at any time in their lives before.’ – Dr James K. Pollack, AMG.

Tommy Atkins in Palestine

NUTRITION ‘What did the Germans do to get efficient production from forced labour that we were not able to do with Germans working down the mines?  They fed their help and fed them well.’ – Max H. Forester, Chief of AMG Coal and Mining Division, July 1945.

EDUCATION ‘When the Second World War broke out in 1939, he joined the Army, attaining the rank of lance sergeant before being captured at Dunkirk in 1940. He spent the next five years in prisoner-of-war camps in Poland, East Prussia and Bavaria, using the time to pass examinations in a number of subjects, including economics and banking.’  – The Times, March 16 1995.  An obituary on Lord Mulley, former government Cabinet Minister.

Illus/Hahn Zehntausende von Toten wurden in den Straßen Dresdens in hohen Stapeln auf Roste geschichtet und, zum Teil ohne Identifizierung, verbrannt.


FINALLY: Due to allied propaganda it is still commonly held that the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS armed forces were insufferably arrogant towards the Russian people, even the Ukrainians, Byelorussians and Ruthenians. Not so. Here are excerpts from those given by Field Marshall General von Manstein to his Eastern Front armies: ‘Avoid being arrogant. True authority comes from superior achievement and exemplary bearing. Be just, the Russian hates nothing more than injustice . . .


Dresden, Teilansicht des zerstörten Stadtzentrums über die Elbe nach der Neustadt. In der Bildmitte der Neumarkt und die Ruine der Frauenkirche.

Treat the Russian with calm and decency. Avoid any suggestion that the German belongs to a better race than the Russian. The Russians, especially the Ruthenians, the Ukrainians, and the Byelorussians are part of the same ethnic family as the Aryans. Treat the Russian women and girls the same as you would treat the German women and girls.’ – Huttenbrief February/March 1997.

Note: Of all the nations engaged in the Second World War only Germany provided for the death sentence in the case of rape carried out by military personnel. The United States, USSR and France actively encouraged rape, often on a mass scale whilst the British turned a blind eye to violence against German women.

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