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MICHAEL WALSH EDITOR: Recently, I learnt of a donkey sanctuary that receives $3 million in donations every year. I then look at Europe Renaissance’s depleted bank account and I ask myself why I can’t play the ass too?

It is highly improbable that you will find such provocative and challenging truth news stories as ours in the controlled corporate government-sponsored mainstream media. If we go out of business then truth, information and inspiration are also lost to the world.

Being an award-winning writer and media man, I am under no illusions as to the costs of running even an inferior news platform to Europe Renaissance. They are expensive in both time and running costs. Our news stories take professionals away from higher-paid work. This makes them charity workers and it follows that this makes our followers and readers recipients of charity.

We do have our much appreciated regular donors. We cannot thank them enough. They include pensioners. Otherwise, disappointed by the paltry financial sponsorship we receive, I penned these words: ‘How sad that of tens of thousands of readers just six people during March were good-hearted enough to contribute to our running costs.’

In response to my comment: ‘Mike – you HAVE to find a way to make it easier for people to donate.  Your donations are limited because of the difficulty involved in getting money to you.  Please figure this out.’ – J. B.

Thanks, J.B, ‘As you know, apart from advertising being closed to us, usual cash transfer systems such as PayPal transfers and Amazon book royalties are also denied to us.

However, there are cheaper and easier alternatives. What is particularly frustrating is that alternative means of sponsoring Europe Renaissance are actually easier and cheaper than are debit card payments or PayPal.’

Anyone in Europe (including the UK) (650 million population) can go online and from their smartphone too and in moments transfer as little or as much as they can afford from their bank account to mine. Ask me: Michael:

Anyone in the US and Australia can very easily and even online transfer free any sum to our banks there who then forward the transaction to me. The simple process is free or costs a few cents. In fact, two Canadian supporters, and one being a client occasionally make bank-to-bank transfers which they tell me is very easy.

With your help, we can reach out to many more people and really make an impact. But we cannot do it without you. Yes, we can survive blatant anti-White discrimination and censorship but we cannot survive without you, your understanding and your generosity. Michael Walsh.

Donate: It is the generosity of our supporters and members that makes our vital work possible. As the storm clouds of crisis and the pain of injustice and persecution loom over our people, the potential and importance of our work grows day-by-day. There is no George Soros figure out there for nationalists, so we can only do what good people like you help us to do. Thank you for your faith and your generous commitment: contact Michael Walsh

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