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Here we go again with Propaganda Reminiscent of World Wars I and II

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Russian forces are said to have brought mobile incinerators (in the picture an incinerator IN-50.1K presented as being used in Ukraine) designed for the disposal of bodies of killed civilians in order to hide the traces of military atrocities. 

A sensational news item has reached us from Ukraine, reminiscent of the worst moments of Allied propaganda during World Wars I and II. In the city of Mariupol, the Ukrainian authorities claim, the Russian military has set in motion mobile crematoria designed to burn the bodies of killed civilians in order to hide the traces of military atrocities

Russian mobile crematoriums in partially occupied Mariupol, Donetsk region burn the bodies of dead and beaten residents of the city. Source: Mariupol City Council in Telegram

Dashline: ‘The killers are covering their tracks. Russian mobile crematoriums were operating in Mariupol. After the widespread international outcry over the genocide in Buchi, the Russian leadership ordered to destroy any evidence of its army’s atrocities in Mariupol.

A year ago, conservative estimates indicated 5,000 deaths. But looking at the size of the city, the catastrophic devastation, the duration of the blockade and the violent opposition, tens of thousands of civilians of Mariupol could have become victims of the occupants.

That is why Russia is not in a hurry to give the green light to the Turkish Mission and other initiatives for the disengagement and complete evacuation of Mariupol. In addition, all the potential witnesses of the occupants’ institutions are trying to be identified through the filtration tabor.’

Details: According to the city administration, the Russians have left the brutal work for the collaborators. Eyewitnesses reported that special brigades of the DNR terrorists were involved in the cleansing operationThey collect and burn the bodies of Mariupol residents killed as a result of the Russian invasion. The work of these groups is coordinated by the indirectly self-proclaimed collaborator Kostyantin Ivashchenko.

Direct speech by Mariupol Mayor Vadim Boychenko: ‘The world has not seen the scale of the tragedy in Mariupol since the Nazi concentration camps existed. The Racists turned our entire city into a death camp. Unfortunately, the motorcycle analogy receives more and more proof. This is not Chechnya or Aleppo. This is a new Auschwitz and Majdanek. The world must help us punish the Putler monsters.

The government website provides additional details to this dramatic story. Mobile crematoria were also put into action in Bucha, not far from Kiev, where according to the Ukrainian authorities, Russian forces carried out atrocities that are now being denounced by the international community and NATO. Commenting on the war in Buchi, the head of the Ukrainian presidential office Podolyak said on his Twitter that Russian troops brought mobile crematoria to Ukraine to clean up the traces of their ashes.

The IN-50.1K incinerator is a mobile crematorium designed for the disposal of human remains. Since for a long time the Russian command reported no casualties, it was believed that the incinerators present on Ukrainian territory were intended to burn the corpses of Russian soldiers.

In fact, the Russian army planned to burn the bodies of the killed civilians in order to cover up the traces of military atrocities. The KDB method: ’no body, no business’. Under the onslaught of the ZSU, which hastily withdrew from the Kiev region, the occupiers left the corpses of Russian soldiers as well as those of Ukrainian civilians. The whole world has seen the documented atrocities of the ‘Russian world’.

It is remarkable how similar today’s accusations of Russian forces burning the bodies of wounded soldiers and civilians to cover up their staggering military losses and atrocities against civilians are to those made during World War II against the Germans.


In 1941 the British propaganda service (SOE) spread a rumour [see chapter (in French) ‘Germans create cremation vehicles’] that the Germans had ordered 500 mobile cremation units from the Ford factories in Cologne and Antwerp in order to burn their own dead and thus hide the extent of their losses from the German public. For their part, the Soviets claimed in a paroxysmal propaganda effort that the Germans incinerated hundreds of thousands of concentration camp inmates, mainly Jews, in order to conceal their crimes. The so-called Holocaust. Source


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