If you allow it History is Recycled again and again

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If you want to see the future look into the past. In this woman’s recollections, you will see a reflection that you will recognise. If you do not see your reflection in yesterday’s mirror you will: as sanctions tighten on trade rivals Russia and China the West becomes increasingly impoverished.

Far better mutual understanding and trade as do most of Russia’s customer nations whose citizens comparably enjoy a quality of life that evades the West led by ideological satraps of Washington DC and the usurious Wall Street banks. Who listens but they will…..

Poverty. Unemployed man and his family in Brighton in 1921

‘The 1930s in England was a time when the government rode roughshod over the working class.  In Birkenhead, where my mum and grandparents lived in the 1930s, there was a lot of unemployment. Many working-class people lived in abject poverty.

‘Workers and the unemployed alike marched in protest. They marched because of the harsh reductions imposed by the government. They were experiencing a huge fall in their already poor living standards. During this period wages were reduced. The already miserably low benefits for the unemployed were also cut back.

‘These drastic cuts resulted in millions of the working class living in abject poverty. They were thrown into the most appalling conditions of poverty and deprivation imaginable. The government carried out these attacks all in the name of national economic measures. These economic measures were a vicious attack on their lives and livelihoods.

‘While massive reductions were taking place, the government spent millions of pounds on armaments, preparing for a war that would involve the slaughter of millions of the working class. These would include the working class of other countries too and all in the interest of capitalism.


‘It was felt that the government and employers had no idea what the imposition of these reductions did. Hard-working families had to live with the harsh effects of less money coming into the home, and it seemed that no one even cared!’

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REICH AND WRONG Mike Walsh. Hitler’s Reich lasted 13.5 years through peace and war creating an economy, prosperity and lifestyle no Western country could match. Compare 1930s Hitler’s prosperous Reich with the shocking 1930s poverty of the US, USSR and UK.

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