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Many a true word in jest as you enjoy this hilarious video

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A hilarious video detailing Russian President Putin’s supposed jibes about the lunatics running the Western asylums is going viral. Viewers ask, ‘but did he really say all those things?’

In a word no he didn’t. However, one can assume that a mind reader and there are a few of us around who can and will put the Russian president’s thoughts into his mouth.

Let us be brutally honest with ourselves even if the truth is a kick in our guts: if these comments were actually said by the world’s most popular leader (although state-dependent mainstream media claims otherwise), would there be a single person who wouldn’t concede that Putin is absolutely right on every point?


Throughout the world, from Latin America to Africa, the Far and the Middle East, and in Europe too, the mainstream media is censoring all news that suggests the Russian leader’s pre-emptive strike on globalist Ukraine was well overdue after 8 long years of Kiev inspired violence that resulted in 14,000 mostly civilian deaths. In Berlin alone, over 5,000 cars bearing pro-Putin slogans and Russian flags brought Germany’s capital city to a halt. Just because you didn’t read about it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. It did… it does elsewhere. ENJOY THE VIDEO


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