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The rebellion of five EU countries against the embargo on gas and oil from the Russian Federation

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Five European states were outraged by the Brussels presumption of their imposing an embargo on Russian energy carriers. On Friday, April 8, reports the British edition of the Daily Express. According to the author of the material, the rebellion in the European Union was led by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who believes that such a ban would kill the country and other European nations.

‘Viktor Orbán has broken the European order and led an uprising against EU sanctions, while the bloc expects tougher punishments against Russia,’ the journalist emphasizes. In addition, the material reports that the embargo on oil and gas from Russia worries Italy, Austria, and the Netherlands, which fear economic chaos.

Germany has recently become less serious about breaking off relations with Moscow since 40% of the gas purchased by Berlin comes from the Russian Federation. Earlier, on April 5, the German television channel Die Welt said that a ban on the import of Russian energy resources could leave European countries with empty shelves and no levers of pressure on Moscow.

It is noted that EU members have different attitudes towards the introduction of this ban. If Poland, Italy and the Baltic countries support it, then Germany, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia are categorically against it. Fence sitting France has not yet expressed its position on the embargo on Russian energy resources.

The day before, on April 5, the European Commission (EC) announced the fifth package of sanctions against Russia. As explained by the Deputy head of the EC the Latvian former mayor of Riga Valdis Dombrovskis, the new package of restrictions will be directed against the areas of trade, transport and energy.

Thus, according to the new sanctions, the EU will ban the export of semiconductors, machinery and transport equipment to the Russian Federation in the amount of €10 billion. The new package includes a ban on the participation of Russian companies in public procurement in the European Union and on any financial support for Russian government agencies. 


In addition, the EU will ban the import of coal from Russia in the amount of €4 billion per year whatever the costs to ordinary taxpayers. On April 2, Economy Minister Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck predicted the death of Germany’s prosperity in the event of an embargo on energy supplies from Russia. According to him, there is no infrastructure in the country for importing gas and oil in other ways. Source


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