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Search the Mansions not the Woodpiles

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A common expression used during the days of American plantations and slavery was to ‘look for errant n****ers in the woodpile’. Today, it appears that if you want to find the errant Black you will find him or her in a multi-million-dollar luxury villa.

Questions still remain about the Black Lives Matter (BLM) social movement in the United States regarding how it was funded and how it spent its funds, given that the movement did not provide financial statements for 2021, reports Fox News. In addition, activists are calling on the IRS to investigate the matter, given that some BLM members have bought multi-million-dollar homes.

Black Lives Matter largely funded by White dupes dubbed ‘whiggers’ by despairing Europeans and coerced corporations has just over a month to file the required 2021 financial statements with the IRS. Questions still remain about the funding of the organization and the spending of these funds. Reporting by Senior National Correspondent William La Genesse.

WILLIAM LAJENESSE, Fox News CorrespondentEvery non-profit organization is required to file detailed financial statements every year about how much money it raises and where it goes. That’s the whole point.

The Black Lives Matter movement claims to have raised $90 million in 2020. But filings for that year showed zero receipts and zero expenditures. Then California temporarily banned BLM from requesting or distributing money to charity because the organization did not provide financial statements for 2021.

In this regard, an organization that oversees the activities of charitable NGOs, stated the following, and I quote: ‘The complete lack of transparency and accountability in BLM … is alarming. It is incumbent on the Attorney General to launch a comprehensive investigation into BLM’s finances and management.’

In 2021, BLM applied for a deferment and now has until May 15 to submit reports to the Internal Revenue Service detailing how donators’ money is being spent and where it came from.

According to a recent story in The New York Magazine, BLM co-founder Patrice Cullors purchased this Los Angeles mansion for $5.8 million and then, according to documents, donated it to a Delaware corporation a few days later, hiding the real buyer. It turned out to be BLM, an organization that, judging by the correspondence, tried to prevent the publication of this story.

Kallors, a self-described Marxist, quit BLM last year after she was criticized for buying several houses. (refrain: The working class can kiss me ass, I’ve got the boss’s job at last’. The new mansion in Los Angeles, according to BLM, will play the role of a studio for members of the organization. Nonprofit experts, however, have warned BLM not to divert funds intended to improve the lives of blacks for its own benefit. Last year, activists have already raised a similar topic.


ACTIVISTWe’re also asking the IRS to investigate because so many donated and we have a right to know where that money went.

WILLIAM LA GENESSE : Cullors didn’t comment on that. BLM, on the other hand, claims that the published materials are not true, but they did not provide any evidence of their words. Congressman Darrell Aissa called on the Internal Revenue Service to investigate the alleged misappropriation of charitable funds. Source


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