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European Union’s Most Popular Premier endorsed by Elder Statesman

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Former Czech President Václav Klaus sees Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as his only friend among today’s leading European politicians, the politician revealed to the media. According to Klaus, Viktor Orbán is the only authentic politician of today, and he was thus pleased with his re-election.

‘He is a great man. I am glad that the progressive left did not win, as in our country, where it unfortunately happened,’ commented Klaus. ‘He (Viktor Orbán ) is the only authentic politician in modern Europe. He aims to represent his nation.’

‘Today, we live by the cultural revolution, green madness, multiculturalism. That is our reality, and in this, I am with Orbán on the other side of the barricade,’ the former Czech President noted.

The war must stop immediately. Klaus also talked about the war in Ukraine, saying he does not mind Orbán’s statements about the war, and called the conflict a proxy war between the West and Russia.

‘It is not a Hungarian war. Just like this is not a Czech war, although some comrades in our country, led by Mr Rakušan (interior minister) or the Minister of Defense, style it that way,’ said Klaus.

The former president described the congratulations sent by Prime Minister Fiala to his Hungarian counterpart in connection with his election victory as a symbolic act. However, he criticized the TOP 09 government party which, on the contrary, was reticent with congratulations. ‘TOP 09 is a party without a serious political program. That applies not only to Mrs Pekarová (TOP 09’s leader) but to the whole party,’ said the former head of state.

Klaus then turned the conversation back to the war in Ukraine, calling for an immediate end of the conflict. ‘Let’s leave this ‘warfare’ at all costs. Let’s say that the absolute priority is an immediate ceasefire. Some people probably think that the war must be led until the worst end possible. The more Russia bleeds, the more it will be a solution,’ observed Klaus, sharing his doubts about sanctions against Russia.

According to Klaus, the West feels that economic sanctions will work in the case of Russia. Although sanctions significantly damage the country’s economy, they will not stop the war, Klaus warned. The government should not interfere with market prices


The last topic discussed was the government’s steps to support Czech citizens in the current difficult economic situation. ‘The government is not doing enough against inflation, but that does not mean that it should intervene in the market and cap prices,’ he said, adding that capping the prices is only delaying the problem, not eliminating the causes.


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