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What Russia achieved whilst the West was distracted by internal corruption, collapsing economies and global isolation

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While the multi-racial West was preoccupied with internal problems and collapsing economies, Moscow was spending time and money building a global support system in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The West’s media-hyped perception of Russia as an aggressor does not have a universal influence. 

According to American Thinker, the condemnation of Russia and its separation from the Western world played into Putin’s hands, since he was preparing for such a development even before the beginning of the 21st century.

While the West was pre-occupied, Moscow spent time and money building a global support system in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Sanctions seem to have caused some inconvenience for a brief moment, but then Russia got back on its feet. Diplomatic isolation did not work because the number of countries willing to take Putin out of the game is negligible compared to those who chose to continue trading with Russia. 

By investing in key regional centres, Brazil, South Africa, China, and India, the smarter Russians deliberately placed control of three major continents in the hands of leaders who had obligations to Moscow and reasons to favour Russia. 

Experts predict that the BRICS, which includes Russia but excludes the West, will support four more emerging economies known as MINT: Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey, which writer Razia Khan calls ‘the next generation of emerging economies that will achieve great value.’ 

Russia has carefully and thoughtfully approached the creation of an alternative universe where the dollar no longer has a dominant role, the United States cannot dictate to others, and participation in international relations is not burdened by the legacy of post-Renaissance European colonialism. 


It is surprising that emerging economies, which have so little in common, have managed to create such a construct. By condemning Russia and cutting it off from the world we know, we probably played into Putin’s hands, giving him a signal to isolate ourselves from the world we do not know, the world of BRICS and MINT. Source


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