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Dear readers, Happy Easter time to you and your dears!  

Our hearts go out to you on the feast of Easter and we share in your thoughts the joy of this significant event.

Today we have witnessed a wonderful Miraculous Blessing in Spain, the culmination (highlight) of the Semana Santa in the small town of Almoradi in the province of Alicante.

Procesión del Encuentro.
The Meeting procession.

The Brotherhood of the Rosary Virgin is the herald of the Resurrection of Christ celebration with a procession, the “Meeting”, which is the oldest in Almoradí and which becomes the perfect closing of our Holy Week. The origin is certainly in the birth of the Brotherhood in the seventeenth century. The Virgin, covered with a thin tulle veil, in mourning for the death of her Son, is carried in a run by her brothers and, after three reverences, she stops next to the Custody of the Blessed Sacrament, carried under a pallium in the center of the square. 

 After removing the veil, a young woman from Almoradí puts in her lap the sculpture of his Son, the Child Jesus, after which, and the bells ring, between music and fireworks, the Virgin runs again with her Son in her arms, reiterating the reverences to the Blessed Sacrament.
This ritual has the symbolic value that after the Death and Resurrection of Christ, everything is renewed for the human gender by the Redemption, represented by a Child God.

Easter Week in Spain – Resurrection Sunday

Undoubtedly, the most exciting day of Holy Week as the Resurrection closes the circle of the Passion and Death of Jesus. At 8.00 in the morning, the procession of St. John the Evangelist, the beloved disciple, starts from the Church, with its rows full of San Juanistas with palms in their hands, who for this day change the characteristic red cloak for a white one, the symbol of purity of the moment that is going to be represented.

They are followed by our beloved patron saint, the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, the “Purísima” for the people of the town, with a black mantilla covering her head and face as a sign of mourning. Together, they set off to announce an important piece of news for all Christians. Then, from the same church, the Blessed Sacrament under the canopy takes another direction.

Finally, at the junction of calles (at the corner of the streets), the long-awaited meeting between mother and son takes place. Saint John the Evangelist announces the Resurrection of Jesus on the third day after having died for us, while at that moment the Blessed Sacrament under canopy makes its appearance.

At this moment, a man from the town is lifted onto the throne of the Virgin to strip her of the three-day mourning she was wearing, and the public in the audience exults with great emotion as they contemplate the beautiful image, while from the sky three Alleluias and flower petals fall on them like dew water, filling the sky with beatitudes for all those who believe in divine salvation. Once the ceremony is over, the three of them march in procession to the house of the Lord.

You can watch these short videos and get a feel for the significance and symbolism of Easter.

Our best wishes and LOVE to all of you and your families. 

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