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Every third German believes that they live in a Fake Democracy

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Are the sanction impoverished Germans waking up to reality? Like it or not, the last internationally recognised valid constitutional Germany was Hitler’s National Socialist administration. However, in May 1945, the Allies arrested, hanged or imprisoned the nation’s elected parliamentarians. In place of the valid constitution, a ‘victors’ constitution’ was drawn up in Washington by Washington was put in place. As former President Obama pointed out, ‘Germany is an occupied country.

According to a recent poll, almost one in three Germans believes they live in a fictitious democracy. As the columnist for the magazine Der Spiegel points out, here again, the differences between the east and the west of the country have appeared: among West Germans, 18% believe in the existence of only an imaginary democracy in Germany, while among East Germans, all 45%.

The study also showed that the differences between East and West are extremely large. While 28% of West Germans believe that they live in a ’sham democracy’, among East Germans as much as 45% hold this opinion.

‘Thus, democracy, with values such as free elections, pluralism of opinions and equal rights, is obviously just a fake package similar to that of Moscow’s edits during the period of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). According to a columnist in Der Spiegel, ‘Under this packaging, Germany has a dark heart, is a dictatorship or an oligarchy.’

The survey seems to confirm the general feeling, reinforced by long discussions about East Germans ’socialized by the dictatorship’: East and West Germany are drifting apart, the East cannot be saved, it is getting more and more stuck in the clutches of ‘outside the box’ and ‘Alternative for Germany’.

However, what is the so-called imaginary democracy really? As the author of the article explains, this word is older than the GDR. The famous sociologist Max Weber used the term as early as 1917 to analyse the Russian Revolution. From the first days of the founding of the second German state, the communist, and later the head of state and government of the GDR, Walter Ulbricht, said: ‘It should look democratic, but we must keep everything in our hands.’

According to Zabine Rennefants, if we look at the survey in more detail, everything does not look so gloomy. The study analysed the extent to which the propensity for radical political thinking and conspiracy theories is expressed in the country. In the first two weeks of February, before the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, a thousand people aged 16 and over were interviewed in Germany.

To test their confidence in democracy, respondents were asked 26 statements. One of the theses sounded like this: ’We only at first glance live in a democracy. In fact, the citizens have nothing to say.’ 31% of respondents across the country agreed with this. In other words, almost one in three Germans believes that they live in a fictitious democracy, notes columnist Der Spiegel.


According to Thomas Petersen, head of the Allensbach public opinion institute, which conducted the corresponding survey, the results of the study ‘indicate the long-term consequences of the dictatorship of the GDR’, which will manifest themselves for several more years. The values that a person absorbs in his youth determine his whole life.  Source


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