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Support for Russia is growing in Europe

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Recently, over 900 vehicles with the Russian tricolour flag wended their way through Berlin as the German people showed remarkable solidarity with the Russian draining of the Ukrainian swamp. Was it a soul sentiment as the media-promoted Russophobia is closely related to Germaphobia? Ironically, the current anti-Russian sanctions and hatred is a mirror image of that of the Western powers before the onset of the equally preventable World War II in September 1939.

Traditional Easter marches for peace took place in German cities, Frankfurter Allgemeine reports. Their participants called for stopping the hostilities in Ukraine, stopping the ‘crazy arms race’ and sitting down at the negotiating table. 

They condemned Berlin’s plans to increase military spending on the Bundeswehr, as well as the supply of weapons to Kiev. ‘Put down your weapons, you reap war,’ warned one of the posters in the hands of a demonstrator.

Throughout Europe and just this week in Cyprus and Serbia, massive pro-Russian processions have taken place. The same mainstream media that headlined three anti-Putin punk rockers blaspheming in a Russian Orthodox Church never notices thousands of peace-loving citizens demanding an end to America’s never-ending wars,

In German cities, thousands of Germans took to Easter marches, speaking out against the fighting in Ukraine, the increase in military spending on the Bundeswehr and the supply of weapons to Kiev, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reports. Demonstrations for peace took place in Cologne, Hannover, Munich, Duisburg, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Berlin and other cities. ‘Our demands for peace and disarmament are more relevant than ever, including against the background of the threat of a possible nuclear aggravation.’ one of the organizers stressed.

It is necessary to create ‘a new security architecture from Lisbon to Vladivostok,’ the marchers called. To do this, Russia and Ukraine must sit down at the negotiating table with a willingness to compromise. Posters held by demonstrators carried messages such as ‘No to fighting’, ‘Stop the delusional arms race’, ‘Negotiations instead of the threat of a third world war’ and ‘Put up arms, reap war’.

Horrified pro-NATO politicians denounced the actions, saying that advocating ‘pacifism at someone else’s expense is cynical’ and that peace is now ‘a distant dream’. For some experts, the calls of the marchers even reminded them of ‘Russian propaganda’. But there were also those who stood up for them, in particular the former chairman of the Council of the Evangelical Church of Germany, Margot Kasmann. 


In her opinion, it is unfair to blame those who have advocated for peace for decades in supporting Russia. In addition, it is obvious that the supply of weapons to Ukraine will not lead to an end to hostilities, but on the contrary, they can even aggravate them, she stressed. Source, Source 2


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  1. Ironic indeed – the parallels with Hitler’s reluctant but ultimate incursion into Poland in response to the atrocities being committed against ‘displaced’ Germans in the Danzig region are palpable.

    Throughout the 1930s Sir Oswald Mosley was also consistently advocating peace [based on his WWI experiences] and was similarly demonised because “advocating ‘pacifism at someone else’s expense is cynical’”

    Mosely’s public meetings were attacked by gangs of Jewish [‘antifa-like’] domestic terrorists armed with razor blades and knuckle dusters and inflicting as much carnage on innocent people as possible. Nothing was going to stand in the way of the War they were lusting after.

    Mosely also campaigned tirelessly for improved workers’ living conditions, working conditions and fair wages which would lift them out of poverty.

    Source: “My Life” – Sir Oswald Mosely

    Meanwhile, the assassination of JFK and the Vietnam anti-war protests were similarly marketed as the propensity of ‘Americans’ for violence [chutzpah!].

    On June 10, 1968 LBJ established the “National Commission on Causes and Prevention of Violence” and signed Executive Order #11412 “Establishing a National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence”.

    Followed less than two weeks later on June 19 by the “Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968”.

    For advocating for peace, Americans were demonised as ‘violent’.

    Supplementary source:

    The Minds of Men – Documentary by Aaron & Melissa Dykes

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  2. You can protest and demonstrate till the end of time, but until you take action nothing will change. While you put your paycheque above your future, you should stay home. The christian religion has turned the whites into cowards eg turning the other cheek, obeying the emperor etc. Too many are waiting for Jesus to come and save them.

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    • Yes. And lots are hoping for a nuclear war so they can die and go to heaven, some think this is the end times, and Jesus is coming back. I argue the point that when Bolsheviks took Russia, the people waited for God to save them, they thought it was end of days, in Ukraine, they prayed for God to save them, the Germans showed up, kicked out the commies, and prayers were answered, and they did nothing after. We now have the advantage of hindsight, God didn’t save them. Hitler was right was he said “volk help yourselves, and the almighty cannot deny you his assistance”. Nowadays it’s way to much pray, not nearly enough action.


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