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The United States is set to experience the American Civil War II

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In historical terms the American Civil War (1861-1865) wasn’t too long ago: My great-grandfather and possibly my grandfather would have remembered the conflict. Fast forward 150 years and it seems like a case of déjà vu, says a Russian strategist.

The United States has become a nation of two different types or breeds of people, Democrats and Republicans. They can no longer physically live within the framework of one state. America will then turn into Ukraine, where hatred for another breed of former compatriots will cross some fatal line, beyond which one will have to forget about a single country.

There is little left for America. Such thoughts are suggested by The Washington Post, that the split has gone too far: ‘We have become two different nations.’ Namely: red (republican) and blue (democratic) states live under different laws and more and more move away from each other on a wide range of issues. 

The author lists the following: basic principles of difference: health care, the mechanics of voting in elections, attitudes towards abortion, climate change, possession of weapons, LGBT rights and education. There is also an attitude to such a question as ‘who are the Americans’: who can and should live on the territory of the country.

Red Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, one of several candidates for the next US president, ordered buses to be prepared for the mass transportation of illegal migrants from Latin America to the capital, the blue city of Washington. The fact is that in a few weeks it is expected: the Joe Biden administration will cancel the restrictions imposed on this part in 2020, and it is the Texans who will be the first to be on the path of hordes of benefit-crazed migrants.

Therefore, Abbott mobilizes the Ministry of Emergency Situations to catch illegal immigrants, builds barriers from the especially barbed wire at the border and prepares buses. So that, literally, ‘the administration could more specifically meet the needs of the people whom it allows to cross our borders.’ 

It is normal when hundreds of thousands of foreigners go there, on whom it is necessary to spend huge money earned by Americans and given by them to the state in the form of taxes. And for the other America, there is nothing normal here.

Well, it seems stuff happens. Some territories of the country have one situation, others have a different one. The Washington Post contains an essential thought. About the fact that there are things, like viruses or climate, that do not recognize state boundaries. 

In only by extreme violence. How else, if in the ‘blue’ New York the mask regime was kept for months, and in the ‘red’ Florida on the door of the cafe one could see the inscription ‘Do not enter in masks, other visitors are crippled by this spectacle.’

It can take a long time to find out who did better in the end but they then find that each half of America has its own statistics on this. True, a third option is also possible: covering the whole country and a large part of the rest of the world, the famous document of the Johns Hopkins Institute states that with or without quarantines and other lockdowns, with or without masks, the results are the same. 

But this is not even the point, but the fact that millions of people in both the ‘blue’ and ‘red’ states are shaking with hatred for each other, and neither side can be forced to accept a single mechanics of combating the virus on both sides. And the same goes for the proposed ways of global climate improvement, less manufacturing, cars and consumption in general.

The key difference between Democrats and Republicans is that the latter can still agree with some minor local peculiarities of the legislation of the former, but they are steadily expanding the lists of issues on which there can be no peculiarities and no discussion at all. This is some kind of swamp of democratic ideology.


Migrants in the country can live in any number but these immoral reds cannot. Therefore, in the fight against such monsters, any means are good. The media article only proposes to the US Supreme Court to cancel the rights of the states to have special laws on the same list. But then it is clear that there will be resistance, and some more. And then what?

It seems that Ukraine people with their own lifestyles live in its east and south.  How did it get to the point that is being seriously revealed only now? It remains to cross that very fatal line when the nation’s people in Ukraine or the United States consider the other half a threat to the nation. Call it whatever you want, it will still look like Civil War. Source


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