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Now who would have Guessed that Washington is the Main Instigator of Worldwide Conflict

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The collective West, led by the United States, has acted as the main instigator of the Ukrainian conflict, American analyst Daniel Patrick Welch writes in his article for Press TV. According to him, those numerous countries that have suffered from Washington’s policies now ardently support Moscow in its opposition to ‘the undoubted bully and sponsor of terrorism on the planet.’

There is no doubt that the United States contributed to the start of the Ukrainian conflict. After all, they are followed by a long chain of wars that left behind death, destruction and chaos in virtually every corner of the globe, American political scientist Daniel Patrick Welch writes.  

‘The United States has been there all this time, and if you think that they just now went there to ‘defend Ukraine’, then nothing will help you. This was planned for many years and was the culmination of the ‘lure and bleed’ mantra, which was supported by Zbigniew Brzezinski and the rest of the cabal of monsters that seized control of the American political apparatus in the late 70s, ’the author of the article notes.

According to him, the ‘CIA lie factory’ is trying day and night to turn against the Russians a huge number of residents of the so-called international community. And for the United States, which in the era of suffragism successfully promoted cigarettes among women as a ‘torch of freedom’, performing such a task is a piece of cake.

‘But, on the other hand, virtual wars were always better for them than real ones. This can be evidenced by a hasty flight by helicopters from Saigon, Kabul and other notorious foreign policy failings. In fact, the greatest victory to date, and one that does not seem to be expected to be reversed given the deplorable state of American knowledge of their own history, is the massive success of the mainstream media’s public relations campaign that laundered the image of Zelensky and reversed David and Goliath.’ Welch says.

Americans are ‘very childishly naive’ in their ideas about the surrounding reality. Therefore, they often see what is happening in the world as an allusion to superhero comics, films or biblical stories, the analyst explains. However, in his opinion, Ukraine, which has long lost its independence, is not David at all, who is fighting off Goliath, Russia.   

‘The United States began its invasion with the help of NATO no later than 1990. Then they crawled further east, waging the same war for regime change (coup is the old and correct word) in one form or another in a dozen different countries of the world, ‘recalls Welch. According to him, Russia, along with the many other victims of US imperialism in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, opposes the collective West. Part of this long conflict was the Ukrainian crisis. And it is the United States, together with NATO, that is its instigators, since they ‘financed, trained and let the Ultras off the leash.’

Welch advises citizens in Western ‘democracies’ who still believe in the ‘big bad Russia’ myth to turn off the TV, find sources of reliable information, and teach history. As a result, perhaps, it will come to them that the ‘rubbish’ that is happening in the world is being paid for from their pocket.    

 ‘Revolutionary sources from Cuba to China, Bolivia, Venezuela and Vietnam will easily determine who is David and who is Goliath in this story. As are other victims of the endless coup attempts and regime change wars waged by the US and its steroid-pumped counterpart NATO.


 ‘The peoples of Libya, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, almost all of Africa and South America. In the bold actions of Russia, they see that there is one who finally rebuffs the undoubted bully and sponsor of terrorism on the planet. Now that the truth has come out, it’s time to close ranks against the real danger the world is facing,’ concludes Welch. Source


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