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Five Predictions that make your hair stand up or you wake up

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The image of the hero that the US media creates for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will collapse very soon, Daily Wire host Candice Owens predicted. According to the publicist, the same thing will happen to the Ukrainian leader that has already happened to George Floyd, who was killed by the police: people will remember that he is far from being as pure as they are trying to portray in America.

So, prediction number one is about what will follow this Black Lives Matter movement, which was just a way to plant crime on our streets. All these ‘self-governed zones’, the impossibility of detaining people due to the fact that now, when confronted with the police, they immediately start screaming that they are ‘suffocating.’ So, all this from the very beginning should have naturally led, and I have been talking about this for more than a year, to the fact that the left will wait until the situation in the cities deteriorates so much that they begin to demand the federal police there.

From my point of view, this was the point of the whole story. And this is logical. If you look at the communist countries, there is no need for strong local police, there the government needs control over the entire police force in general. And the best way to achieve this in a short amount of time is to ensure that crime is rampant in all of our inner cities so that eventually the mayors will beg: ‘Please, please, someone! Send help who can! And the feds will say, ‘We’ll send our people!’ Here’s what’s in store for us soon.

The second prediction, which I voiced earlier and will voice again: the image of the ‘heroic President Zelensky’, which is presented to us by the media, will collapse. We saw the same thing with George Floyd and Dr Fauci, and now the media President Zelensky is a ‘hero’ we didn’t ask for. And, unfortunately, no one asks the right questions about him.

They create the same abnormal pattern: either-or. ’Either you support Black Lives Matter, or you are a racist!’ And now: ‘Either you say that President Zelensky is a hero, or you are a pro-Putin puppet.’ 

But it doesn’t work like that: two statements can be true at the same time. The fact that Russia sent troops to Ukraine is regrettable and wrong, but this does not exclude the possibility that President Zelensky is corrupt. He is corrupt, and he is tied to our incumbent President Biden and the interests of his family. Everything here is much more complicated than it seems at first glance, and I will defend my position without giving up an inch.

Prediction number three is about what I think no one is paying attention to right now. It’s about assisted suicide. I’ve been bringing this up on my program for the past couple of weeks: in Europe, we’re seeing an increase in assisted suicides. It used to be like, terminally ill people could go to the clinic and kill themselves. Well, now they say that it is not necessary to be terminally ill – to kill yourself, it is enough just to want to die.

We already see that Oregon has just expanded access to assisted suicide to all US states – from now on it is no longer necessary to be an Oregonian, you can just say: ‘I am terminally ill and live elsewhere in the USA.’ And in Canada, they are now saying that people with mental illness. The idea that they kill themselves is being considered.

And soon you will see that more and more people are convinced that suicide is a right and that it is time for governments and state institutions to step in and help citizens exercise this right. That is to help people commit suicide. Now it sounds crazy, but I assure you, tomorrow you will see confirmation of this.

Number four is a very serious prediction. I also talked about this for a long time. There will be attempts to normalize paedophilia. It’s so obvious, that the signs are everywhere, and the signs are real, including when children are told that gender can be chosen. This is a natural consequence of the normalization of mental disorders. 

Look around: everyone has their own mental deviation. There are people who are terrified by the sight of a breathing person (without a mask). There are children who believe that gender can be chosen. And their rainbow-haired teachers squeal in the streets. And they are told that they are free. ‘This is what it means to be free, this is what it means to be virtuous!’

When a mental deviation becomes a virtue, it will no longer be possible to distinguish good from evil. Paedophilia is evil, but in the end, and, by the way, very quickly, we will come to the conclusion that paedophilia will be considered the norm. We are already seeing the beginning of this.

My last, fifth prediction: ‘big pharma’ will go on a very serious offensive. Why? Because covid and covid policies violated the social contract between the state and parents. In pre-Covid times, parents believed that Big Pharma genuinely wanted to help their children stay healthy. And the parents obeyed.

From 12 to about 74 vaccines for children. By the way, this figure has grown so much in just a few decades. Ask the parents, they got 12 shots, and today’s kids get about 75 shots in the arm before they graduate! The parents were fine with it. 

But now parents are starting to ask questions about what health care is all about. Why is my child being forced to wear a mask for eight hours a day? Why can’t I make these decisions as a parent? Why shouldn’t I decide if my child should wear a mask? Why can’t I assess risks?

But no, the social contract is broken. So, the state and ‘big pharma’ will now have to become more totalitarian. So, get ready for more homeschooling because parents will say, ‘Enough is enough!’ 

And then more and more measures will be taken to prevent home education. States will begin to reduce the availability of home education, as well as completely eliminate the possibility of refusal of vaccines for religious or other reasons. By the way, this has already happened in California. But now things will go even faster because ‘big pharma’ will understand: ‘Oh, and the parents woke up – and paid attention to what we are doing and promoting and what pills we want to sell to children!’ The same hormone blockers, for example. Do you know what a child becomes who believes that gender can be chosen? He becomes a client of big pharma for life.

And ultimately, we have a war going on around the corner between the governments of the world and the people they want to rule. For some time now you and your children have become a resource to be fought for, like gold or overseas oil. And, believe me, the picture in this war will be very unsightly. 


But the good news is that my final prediction is that they will not be able to keep up with the revival that is happening around the world right now. We begin to realize that their lies can no longer keep pace with the truth, and whenever they try to hide it from us, we only understand it better. Therefore, in the end, my friends, we will win. Source and video


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