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Islamist Rioters wreck Swedish Cities 26 police agents hospitalised

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Violent riots from members of Sweden’s Muslim community during the Easter weekend have left the entire country and Europe in shock, with seven Swedish cities hit hard, including Stockholm and Malmö. Graphic videos showed Islamic rioters – described by the mainstream as ‘protestors’, setting fire to police vehicles and civilian cars, scattering trash on the streets, and throwing stones at police officers.

Sweden’s Muslim community claim to be protesting against Danish anti-migrant nationalists from the Stram Kurs (Hard Line) party organized by Rasmus Paludan. In many of the videos, screams of ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is great) can be heard as rioters attack police and police vehicles.

There are fears among police commanders that the opportunist rioters using the nationalist protests as an excuse are aimed directly against the Swedish police. Not only were vehicles burned, but a primary school was set on fire in the Rosengård district of Malmö.

Paludan travelled through Swedish cities with his political party demanding a ban on Islam. He held his meetings near the neighbourhoods where many migrants live – like unwelcome guests of the tolerant taxpaying electors. During the riots, the demonstrators repeatedly clashed with the police. According to Reuters, three wounded civilians have been reported so far, who will be prosecuted on suspicion of illegal activity.

National Police Chief Anders Thornberg told during a news conference on Monday that he was investigating the connection of the protesters to opportunist Islamic criminal gangs.

Commander Jonas Hysing added that due to the number of injured police officers, they are also working with a version according to which the attacks aimed to weaken the Swedish police. According to him, incitement to violence against the Swedish police is spread mainly on social networks, especially from abroad.


According to current information, the Swedish police have 26 injured police agents, 20 cars destroyed, and 14 injured citizens. The police also indicated that some of the officers were severely injured and are still in the hospital.

According to Hysing, the police were forced to use self-defence weapons. He added that the chaotic situations were also being abused by non-Swedish criminals who had nothing to do with the original protests.


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