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EU Digs up and dusts off 18-year-old embezzlement charge in a last-ditch effort to Stop Le Pen

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Presumably, as part of a deliberate effort to derail her presidential chances, the European Union has exhumed 18-year-old embezzlement charges against Marine Le Pen. The EU’s anti-fraud body has accused French anti-globalist leader Marine Le Pen and associates of embezzling around 600,000 euros during their time as MEPs,’ reports AFP.

As far as we are aware this is the first time in the corruption-prone history of the notorious EU, an unelected cult of not one but two presidents and 27 unelected commissioners has shown any interest in corruption.

The National Rally leader is personally accused of embezzling around 137,000 euros ($150,000) worth of public money from the Strasbourg parliament when she was an MEP between 2004 and 2017. Le Pen’s lawyer Rodolphe Bosselut dismissed the charges, adding that their timing of them was suspicious.

Noting that the report relates to ‘old facts more than ten years old,’ Bosselut highlighted how Le Pen ‘has not been summoned by any French judicial authority’ to answer the charges. ‘I’m surprised by the timing of such a strong disclosure and the instrumentalization,’ said Bosselut.

The EU has chosen to resurrect the old claims just days before the final round of the French presidential election, in which Le Pen will face off against incumbent Emmanuel Macron. Recent polls had shown Le Pen closing the gap on Macron, causing consternation amongst globalist technocrats.


Given the context, the EU dragging up old charges is clearly an act of election interference intended to tarnish Le Pen before this weekend’s vote. As we previously highlighted, after Hungary’s Viktor Orban won re-election in a landslide, the EU responded by slapping sanctions on the country as a form of punishment for the electorate exercising their democratic will.


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