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Irish Member of the European Parliament ridicules Anti-Russian Sanctions

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Western sanctions do not contribute to the end of the conflict in Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by Member of the European Parliament Claire Daly in an interview with Global Times. Moreover, she said, the restrictions against Moscow are actually hurting the bloc’s economy and potentially leaving millions of its citizens out of work.

CLAIRE DALEY, Irish MEP: I never thought NATO was there to protect peace and security in Europe. And if people thought that was his goal, then he certainly never succeeded in achieving it. I guess he was on the other side of the Cold War.

NATO has never brought peace anywhere. In fact, it solves the problems that it creates. And I think this is very clearly demonstrated by such countries as Libya, and others that they (members of the alliance.  – InoTV ) managed to devastate. So they are not at all a peacekeeping force, not only in the current but also in past crises.

Europe speaks of a desire to become more independent. But with the start of the Russian operation in Ukraine, the idea of European autonomy disappeared, and they (EU countries.  – InoTV ) literally behave like vassals of the United States. Their own economic and security interests are being sacrificed for US interests opposed to Russia.

 After all, it is obvious that it is in the interests of the citizens of all Europe, including, first of all, the citizens of Ukraine, that we live in peace with Russia on our continent, that we do business, exchange cultures, trade and we live in harmony. And the only way to achieve this is to negotiate security not against Russia, but with Russia. But, unfortunately, Europe does everything exactly the opposite.

Most of the members are already in NATO, and this number is growing. The current conflict will push even more countries to join NATO. They say that this is strategically important for Europe, but in fact it reduces its strategic independence.

My opposition to sanctions is based primarily on the fact that they don’t work. Never in history have they been able to stop a military offensive or bring about regime change. They won’t be a deterrent. If Europe cuts off Russian energy supplies, as the US wants, hundreds of thousands, and possibly millions, of Europeans will lose their jobs.


And do not forget that none of these measures will affect the salvation of a single Ukrainian life, but will destroy the European economy. That’s why I’m against them. And they do not do what they are credited with. This is a punitive measure. In this case, we are talking about collective punishment, which will do nothing, but will weaken the European economy at the moment and will undoubtedly exacerbate the suffering of ordinary people.


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