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A Chance to Drain the Swamp missed as Media’s Macron allegedly wins Presidential Elections

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Residents of the Champ de Mars district in Paris are outraged by the dirt, illegal trade and rampant crime in the immediate vicinity of the Eiffel Tower, according to Le Figaro. According to the publication, the quarter in the very centre of the city has become an unsafe territory for the local population and tourists. District 7 Mayor Rashida Dati whose parents are North African is asking Mayor Anna Hidalgo, a Spanish woman, to install a fence around the Champ de Mars to close the area at night and thus fight illegal trade.

According to local resident Claude, after the construction of a glass wall around the Eiffel Tower in 2018, the situation has only worsened. ’Now all the entrances and exits are from residential areas,’ he complains. 

From the windows of his apartment, a man watches every day how scammers deceive unfortunate tourists, despite the ban on gambling in public places. 

‘There are also gipsies who put petitions under your nose, Africans who follow you around, offering their trinkets, whole heaps of garbage on the road and feasting rats,’ he describes the situation in the quarter. ‘From now on, we try not to go out in the evenings. Recently, we had three burglaries in my house,’ adds a resident of the centre of the capital.

A waiter at the Castel Café on the corner of Avenue de Suffren adds that the problem is Africans and young people on electric scooters snatching bags from the hands of passers-by. Ivan from the real estate agency Premium Viager says that housing prices in this area have fallen by 5-10 per cent. ‘For this price, owners have the right to demand security, peace and cleanliness,’ he notes.


However, district associations are not only concerned about the surge in uncivilized behaviour and crime, the newspaper writes. In an open letter, six associations are outraged by the City Hall’s plan to redevelop the area around the Eiffel Tower. In addition to cutting down 950 m 2 of green space, the authorities are preparing to allow the construction of buildings near the Eiffel Tower and on both sides of the area, which is already excluded from public use. Source


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