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Trump called Biden’s handshakes with emptiness ‘US movement to hell’

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WASHINGTON, April 24 – RIA Novosti. The current US administration is destroying the country, having come to power as a result of fraudulent elections, the confusion of President Joe Biden will lead the country to hell, said former head of the White House Donald Trump.

‘The fact is that the elections were fraudulent, stolen. And now our country is being destroyed. The country is being destroyed; the country is going to hell. There has never been anything like it,’ Trump said at a supporter rally in Delaware County, Ohio.

The reason for what is happening, according to Trump, is the current American leader. ‘Unfortunately, we have a president who absolutely does not understand what is happening. He’s shaking hands in the air, walking around confused,’ Trump said, likely referring to two recent episodes where Biden ended events by holding out his hand as if for a handshake when no one was in front of him.

‘I will say that there is nothing good in this: follow the orders of the Easter bunny,’ Trump commented on the episode when Biden was taken away from reporters by a press officer dressed as an Easter bunny on the occasion of the holiday.

According to him, the current administration puts the country in last place.


As the basis for his judgment, he cited gasoline prices, which during his administration were $1.9 a gallon and are now ‘up to $5-6-7-8’. ‘They will rise, get used to it,’ the ex-president said.

Under the last administration, there was no inflation, and now it is breaking records, the former head of the White House continued. ‘Taxes have been cut more than under any president in US history,’ he said. Trump added that under him the United States has modernized its nuclear forces, although he does not like to talk about it. ‘We have created something special, space forces, this is very important,’ the ex-president concluded. Source


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