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For the EU Elite, the threat of all-out war is their last throw of the dice to avoid exposure and impoverishment

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MICHAEL WALSH COMMENT: No one in their right mind wants war with Russia and its ally China. So why are some European politicians adding the threat of nuclear war to their sanctions dossier of disaster? Such a nuclear cataclysm would result in the deaths, mutilations and deformities of 100 million or likely more Europeans including Russians? It is because this is their last throw of the dice in the Last Chance Saloon.

Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, centre, his wife Hilde, left, and President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen is seated during the opening session of the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland, Monday, Jan. 20, 2020. (AP)

When reason seems to have departed one searches in vain for a reason why suicide is preferable to peaceful co-existence. Remember, Russia shares borders with 14 other nations and gets on fine with them all – except those frontiers shared with the splintering European Union.

The answer to the imponderable is to be found in the political elite’s bank accounts all of which are entwined with the European Central Bank. To one extent or another, every EU politician from the head of state to parliamentarian is dependent upon the financial umbilical cord stretching from Brussels to Washington DC.

There isn’t a single Press baron or military bigwig whose position and enormous salary with princely perks isn’t superglued to Washington, Wall Street and the Pentagon. The latter buy the political elite of those they choose to ally themselves with.

The ‘Chosen Ones’ of the European Union have a problem which is not a problem for their victim electors. The elite knows that the world isn’t changing; the world has changed.

Each morning for the past 70 or more years we woke to a world in which Washington and Wall Street called the shots. They, with their NATO shit-kickers, ruled the world and all the time the ‘almighty dollar’ was truly omnipotent.

The European Union’s elitists’ boot-licking homage to Washington DC and Wall Street is a pre-requisite to their holding high office or position of influence. However, thanks to a fast-changing world the power and privilege of the EU elite are now evaporating.

The power brokers of the Western Powers are prostitutes in a Washington-managed whorehouse. Suffering from every imaginable venereal disease the political hookers know that no other brothel will touch them.

If Washington and Wall Street’s patronage is replaced by a Russian-Chinese Alliance the Washington gravy train hits the buffers. We are watching a train crash in slow motion and there will be casualties. The elite are sitting at the front of the train and f*** the rest of you sharing the train ride and the impending crash with them.

For this reason, avoidance of war is in the interest of the peoples of the West. In fact, the lifestyles of the Western people would improve enormously if the alliance shifted from Washington to Moscow, sanctions are replaced by mutually beneficial trade and war economies become a thing of the past.

Presuming war is avoided inevitable change will occur. With a change of alliance will come investigation of the bank accounts and princely lifestyles of Washington’s European Union’s whores.

Washington and Wall Street’s Europen Union call girls and rent boys are caught in a spider’s web spun by Washington. Exposed and ousted, the harlots will be paid their true worth as shelf-stackers in a supermarket.


This is why most of the European Union’s politicians, the military top brass and the globalist minions of the media will risk all including nuclear war to avoid suicide. To them, it is a matter of indifference that they take 100 to 200 million with them. The Greeks call it a pyrrhic victory or a war that cannot be won. ~ Michael Walsh, veteran White Rights Journalist since 1968.


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  1. I don’t wish to be a ‘Jeremiah’ but the potential for WW3 or at least a wider conflagration seems to be increasing by the day. The indicators are there, it’s just the catalyst that’s missing and that could be Finland(in particular) and Sweden submitting official requests to join Nato. The Russians have made it clear that, as with Ukraine joining Nato, it would be deemed a provocative move and thus a step to far. Furthermore, how’s does thirty year old woman get to become Prime Minister of strategic European country? Apparently she wasn’t voted in. Democracy is a sham.

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    • Furthermore, how does thirty-year-old woman get to become Prime Minister of a strategic European country? Apparently, she wasn’t voted in. Democracy is a sham….. Precisely


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