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Reason in Content and Passion in Delivery the best since Oswald Mosley

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During an impassioned radio broadcast, a veteran activist uses his scathing tongue to sweep the floor of death and decay. Exposed in his fiery delivery are a Western elite mired in compromise and corruption, financial foolhardiness’ swamp dwellers and political pygmies who couldn’t manage a parish council whose toadying to Washington and Wall Street knows no boundaries as they debase themselves to Mammon.

In Michael Wash’s oratory, no one is spared from hand-picked Field-Marshall Back-Handers and General Sleaze and Wing Commander Waffles. Not spared either are the media barons with their bloodstained history of feeding the young into the maws of Mars the god of war. The veteran leader of the once significant British Movement and editor of The Phoenix is unrelenting.

Tune in to brilliant oratory by joining Michael Walsh as he declares World War III not on Christian renaissance Russia but on the swamp and slime dwellers of the West’s parliaments and congresses, the editors’ desks and the pond life of the NATO West seething with toxic invertebrates. Listen in and share with others a delivery regarded as the best radio presentation for over 70 years.

ACH (1771) Michael Walsh – On The Brink Of A Third World War…

In today’s show originally broadcast on April 28 2022, Andy is joined by Michael Walsh for a show entitled, “Hold On Tight, We’re Going Through Times Of Great Change…”

We discussed: why many Europeans are relocating to Paraguay; the increasing likelihood of a Third World War; the devastating nature of Russia’s Sarmat Missiles; why the biggest threat we face today is from our own Governments; how Western Democracy is basically a choice between two Leftists Liberal Parties; why the West is clamoring for war with Russia; the Western Elites abject hatred of Christianity; why population reduction is the main aim of the powers that should not be; and many other topics.

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