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If you were not Covid vaccinated breathe a deep sigh of relief

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In a recently published report by Pfizer BioNTech, the pharmaceutical company concedes that there can be no guarantee that their vaccine against the coronavirus is safe and effective enough for permanent approval on the drug market. Despite this, millions of people have been vaccinated with this experimental vaccine and it is still being promoted by governments. BVNL is shocked by this and wants clarification from the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport.

In its annual investor report, the pharmaceutical company states: ‘We may not be able to demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of our Covid-19 vaccine to obtain permanent approval in the United States, Europe and other countries. countries, where the vaccine has been deployed for emergency use or has received conditional approval’. 

This means that millions of people have meanwhile been vaccinated with a drug that was actually still in the testing phase, with which all these people have become guinea pigs in perhaps the largest clinical trial of all the time. 

Not only have many people been completely unaware of and misinformed about it, but the Pfizer vaccine is also still being used today. While there is no longer an ’emergency situation’, which means that the already wafer-thin legitimacy for the use of this experimental means no longer exists. Public health risks have been, and still are, on a large scale. Belang van Nederland (BVNL) is a political party in the Netherlands, led by Wybren van Haga. BVNL demands clarification from VWS Minister Ernst Kuipers.

Can a medical product ever be found to be 100% safe and effective? No, that’s pretty much impossible. Side effects can and will always occur and the long-term effects of a new drug are difficult to estimate. But it is precisely then that openness and transparency are of vital importance. For two years it has been systematically denied that the corona vaccines are experimental. 

For two years it has been claimed by high and low that the vaccines were safe and effective. BVNL had serious doubts about this and has been warning since the start of the corona crisis about the potential consequences of vaccines about which we still know far too little. 

It is now becoming increasingly clear that many people do suffer from (serious) side effects and that the vaccines are hardly effective. In the coming years, we will see the consequences of the hasty medical treatment that the whole world has been forced to undergo. Then it might become painfully clear that the public health that our leaders seemed so eager to protect is actually completely rotten.

The Dutch party Belang Van Nederland (BVNL) is demanding an explanation from the country’s health ministry about vaccinations. BVNL finally wants full disclosure from the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport. 

What do these conclusions of the pharmaceutical company itself mean for the health of the many Dutch people who have been injected with a potentially unsafe substance? Are they honestly informed about this and will there finally be a real investigation into potential vaccine damage? 

Will Pfizer BioNTech’s vaccine be discontinued immediately? And doesn’t this mean that the entire vaccination program should be shut down? Lives seem to have been played with for the past two years. This cannot remain without accountability and consequences.

Short video.   Slowly, oh so slowly, people start to wonder about certain things that the media pushed and pushed and they are still pushing to the totally uninformed.    Are you one of them?   Listen to this short video and find out.  It was never about covid.


Written questions to the Minister of Health regarding the permanent approval of the Pfizer/BioNTech corona vaccine for the drug market:

1) Have you seen Pfizer BioNTech’s annual investor report on their vaccine against the coronavirus and are you aware of the passage ‘Risk? Factors’ of the chapter ‘Key Information’?

2) Did you read in this passage that Pfizer BioNTech states that it is unable to demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of the corona vaccine in such a way that the vaccine can receive permanent approval for the drug market in the US, Europe and other countries?

3) Do you realize that the Pfizer BioNTech corona vaccine can therefore only be used as a means in an emergency, which is currently no longer the case worldwide?

4) Can you confirm that the use of the Pfizer BioNTech corona vaccine is therefore not authorized at this time? If so, why is it still used today? Please provide a detailed explanation.

5) Do you agree with the conclusion that the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine was therefore always an experimental vaccine? If not, please provide a reasoned explanation why not.

6) If the Pfizer BioNTech corona vaccine is neither safe nor effective enough for permanent approval in the drug market, can we conclude that anyone vaccinated with this vaccine has been and/or still has a potential health risk? If so, can you indicate the exact risks vaccinated people run as a result and in what percentages?

7) If the Pfizer BioNTech corona vaccine is neither safe nor effective enough for permanent approval on the drug market, can we conclude that the population has been incompletely informed about this safety and effectiveness and thus has become a victim of medical misdirection? If not, please provide a detailed explanation as to why this is not the case.

8) Will you inform the Dutch population about the findings of Pfizer BioNTech? If not, why not?

9) Will the use of the Pfizer Biotech corona vaccine be discontinued following the findings of this report? If not, why not? Please provide a detailed explanation.


10) If it turns out in the future that the Pfizer BioNTech corona vaccine has led to health damage in people, because it was not safe and/or not effective enough, will these people be compensated for this damage? If so, how and by whom? If not, why not? Please provide a detailed explanation. Source

As COVID Disappears from the News Cycle, Vaccine Deaths SURGE Wreaking Havoc on Vaxxed Population

The Reams Biological Theory.pdf


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  1. Yes judging by the rising number of vaccine injuries in western hospitals, the covid vaccinated are going to pay a big price .

    In Australia, there have been 800 deaths and 112,000 injuries directly attributed to the covid vaccine roll out over the last 12 months. And this is only 12 months down the track.

    This data has been revealed only because an Australian lawyer called Julian Gillespie is challenging vaccine mandates in the Federal court of Australia .

    Gillespie has forced the Therapeutic Goods Administration ,the licensing body for drugs in Australia to reveal what the true casualties of the covid vaxx are.

    We can only guess what the numbers of deaths and injuries will be in three to five years down the track.

    What the whole covid scam should demonstrate to anyone with a brain that thinks , is how evil ,corrupt and just downright sick western governments and the media lackeys have become.

    For the sake of money, they are prepared to allow the people who elected them to get killed or injured by taking an experimental shot that does not work and has never been proven safe.

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