The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation for the first time declassifies documents about the Suicide of Adolf Hitler 

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EXCLUSIVE First Time Published in the West: On the eve of the battle for Berlin, the SMERSH military counterintelligence agencies were tasked with finding and arresting German Chancellor Adolf Hitler and other leaders of National Socialist Germany.

As part of the advancing units of the 1st Belorussian Front, military counterintelligence officers stormed the Reichstag and the Reich Chancellery with the Fuhrer bunker equipped in its courtyard, a carefully fortified, concreted underground structure in which Adolf Hitler and his Minister of Information Minister Joseph Goebbels took refuge during the last months of the war.

After the capture of the Fuhrer bunker on May 2, 1945, and the detention by the SMERSH bodies of the SS men who were in the bunker and tried to escape from the war-ravaged saturation bombed Berlin, a painstaking collection of information began on the locations of the possible location of all the top leaders of the Third Reich. 

Among the witnesses of the last days of the Fuhrer were the chief of defence of the Citadel sector (Reich Chancellery and bunker) Wilhelm Mohnke, the head of Hitler’s personal guard Hans Rattenhuber, the senior valet Heinz Linge, personal adjutant Otto Günsche and the personal pilot, commander of the Fuhrer’s ‘squadron’ Hans Baur (in some sources are erroneously listed by translators as Hans Bauer). 

Their repeated interrogations about the circumstances of Hitler’s death were preserved in the materials of the Central Archive of the FSB of Russia, the State Archive of the Russian Federation, as well as in separate investigative files,

From the testimony of eyewitnesses, it followed that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, who married him on the eve of marriage, took their own lives on April 30, 1945, and on May 1 they were followed by Joseph and Magda Goebbels, who had previously killed six of their children, whose corpses Soviet soldiers found in the bunker.

The naked corpse of Helga Goebbels (1932 – 1945), oldest child of German Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, lies on a blanket in a field after Russian troops moved her and her siblings’ bodies from the beds in the bunker where their parents poisoned them, Berlin, May 1945. The Russians buried the bodies but disinterred them 15 years later, burned them, and scattered the ashes in a river. (Photo by Express Newspapers/Getty Images)

On May 13, 1945, employees of the SMERSH counterintelligence department of the 79th rifle corps in the garden of the Reich Chancellery discovered the burial place of the charred corpses of A. Hitler and E. Braun, the authenticity of which was confirmed by numerous forensic medical examinations. Documents from the investigative file against H. Baur, stored in the Directorate of the FSB of Russia for the Novgorod Region, are published for the first time.

Below are published documents from the Archives of the Directorate of the FSB of Russia in the Novgorod Region from the investigation file of the Fuhrer’s personal pilot, SS Gruppenfuehrer and Police Lieutenant General H. Baur.

Certificate for the arrestee H. Baur. 13 December 1945

The FSB for the first time published a certificate from the case and the testimony of Adolf Hitler’s personal pilot Hans Baur. The commander of the Fuhrer Squadron, in particular, described how he began working for Hitler, how the German leader feared betrayal in his inner circle, and, finally, the last conversation with him within the walls of the Fuhrer bunker in Berlin.

So, from the testimony, it follows that on April 30, 1945, on the day of his suicide, Hitler approached Baur and said: ‘Baur, I want to say goodbye to you, I want to thank you for all the services. This portrait on the wall of King Frederick, painted by Rembrandt, I give you as a keepsake. This is my favourite portrait. Try to get out of here. Where are your planes?’

Photo seized from H. Baur at the time of his arrest “After a flight during the election campaign. September 2, 1932”. Hans Baur in the centre in his flight suit.

The personal pilot told Hitler that the planes were in Rechlin (another name – Lerz), and urged the Fuhrer not to commit suicide, because ‘then everything will fall apart in a few hours.’

Hitler replied to Baur that he had appointed Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz as his successor. According to Hitler, the German soldiers ‘cannot and do not want to hold out any longer’, and this is unbearable for him. He also expressed his fear that the Red Army might use sleeping gas and take him alive.


Baur, in his testimony, described the changes in Hitler’s appearance during the last months of World War II. The Fuhrer appeared to be old and haggard, his hands were trembling, and it was clear to the personal pilot that Hitler had decided to commit suicide. The fact that the Fuhrer committed suicide, Baur learned from SS officers.


In addition to Hitler, his wife Eva Braun committed suicide. On May 2, 1945, Soviet troops captured Baur and other members of Hitler’s entourage – the head of the Fuhrer’s personal guard Hans Rattenhuber, the senior valet Heinz Linge, personal adjutant Otto Günsche and some others. In 1950, a Soviet military tribunal sentenced Baur to 25 years in the camps, but five years later he was handed over to the FRG as a non-amnestied criminal and released. Source 1, Source 2, Documents


Autobiography -1
Autobiography -2
Autobiography -3

You can read the 12-page testimony in Russian here

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  1. Declassified documents ref Adolf Hitler’s suicide :

    How such a lie could have been classified for so long especially after publishing that the skull kept was not Adolf Hitler’s but the skull of a woman ?
    The entry in Berlin of the Soviet troops had been prepared secretly, a long time in advance, by Churchill and Staline, as to the precise date they would enter and which areas they would occupy bearing in mind that the first of May was a communist national holiday. It was Churchill’s proposal for May 2nd. By this time Adolf Hitler was on his way to his far away exile passing for a dead person in the world. Everything had been prepared with the help of the Vatican, the Red Cross and of course Prince Bernhard von Lippe who was in the “secret” working in London for the secret services and the secret plans of the Allies and having his brother in Berlin during the war.

    As to the family Goebbels, the Master of propaganda prepared their departure very professionally. These were prepared scenarios (including Hitler’s suicide).They are the only ones who vanished without traces after the war and that nobody ever tried to find.

    The secret was well kept. Staline knew about it. He even mentioned to Roosevelt and Churchill that he had gone to Argentina but these two didn’t reply to this mention.

    It is very interesting indeed to see the archived documents of such a lie. They all kept this secret very well.
    Aure Lee (Researcher in History and criminologist)


    • So much of history is a lie. Glad you had the heart to speak the truth. You nailed it as close as I’ve seen publicly. Thank you.

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    • As an employee of the U. S. Senate for 48 years, my Father had many close friends who were the power brokers of their day. Jerry Ford, U. E Baughman, Spiro Agnew, just name a few. When I was studying History at VMI, we came into the WWII segment, which was my favorite. In those days, the professors tried to teach you to think critically, with exam questions like Was Slavery a major cause of the American Civil War. Did FDR know in advance of the Japanese attack on Pearl. One of the questions was, di Hitler commit suicide? I called my Father to see if he knew. A few days later he called back and his answer: No, Hitler did not commit suicide. The FBI still has a file on Adolf. They knew he had escaped capture and was living in Argentina. The FBI chose to let “sleeping dogs lie”.


      • They decided to let sleeping dogs lie but every other ‘Nazi’ from camp sentries to Adolf Eichmann and others too numerous to name were relentlessly pursued to their deaths????????? There’s money being made from the myth that Hitler survived… Cui Bono (smile).


      • Mike…I can only tell you what my Father told me. I have absolutely no way of proving that the FBI had such a file. I agreed with what I was told, because I felt Hitler had such a huge ego he would never let himself be captured, killed or commit suicide.


      • I have been researching and writing multiple books on Hitler, the Reich and the period. Off all the epithets heaped upon him – and compliments of which there are thousands including those of statesmen, Hitler was said by all to be extremely modest and humble.
        He was, quite rightly, awarded the highest recognitions for valour in World War I. A man with a huge ego would have worn these – and those unearned. The only time Hitler wore his Iron Cross 1st Class was when he attended ex-servicemen’s events.
        Immediately after and throughout his determined pursuit to rid his people of the shackles of usury and alien control of Germany, he faced constant life-threatening episodes. Yet, in his own words, the times were thrust upon him and he felt called to duty.
        1,000 times or more he was confronted by the likelihood of death. Even his commanders conceded he never flinched death or danger. Not once, when he could have done so, did he run away to save his skin. Perhaps your father should have taken up a career as a novelist? Now enough of such claims: they are ludicrous and not the sort made by any honourable foe.


      • The Holocaust was a pretty ugly accusation. In my humble opinion, it never happened, the way it has been presented, and that would go along with your belief that Hitler was a decent man. If, I am reading your comments correctly Thanks Mike.

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  2. Fabulous information, all of which I agree with. Mike Walsh is an excellent truth-telling researcher who has been divulging the truth about many things over the last several decades. I have also researched these claims regarding Germany and Hitler and agree with him – Thank you again, Mike!!!

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    • Thank you, Deanna… I forgot to add a clincher. Throughout his life including his warrior experiences during the most atrocious battles along the notorious Western Front, Corporal Hitler ran towards danger, never from it. Quite rightly, Hitler was awarded several medals of the highest order. During the failed Bolshevik attempt at insurrectiion in the aftermath of World War I, Hitler faced constant death as he did through his years of struggle. Not once did he flinch duty or run away. He himself said, ‘There is one word that I cannot know, ‘capitulation’. There is simply no way, it is inconceivable that after 30 + years of frontline threats and conflict he would have deserted his beloved Germany and martyred people to live – nay exist as a cowardly fugitive in a Latin American bolthole. Totally inconceivable.


  3. ……’The naked corpse of Helga Goebbels (1932 – 1945), oldest child of German Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, lies on a blanket in a field after Russian troops moved her and her siblings’ bodies from the beds in the bunker where their parents poisoned them, Berlin, May 1945’………

    All six children were found in light cotton clothing and not naked as mentioned above. Their bodies were carried out into the open and laid side by side on the ground.The body of Helga Goebbels in the above picture clearly shows that an autopsy has been performed ( T-incision, and crude suture from the base of the hollow down to the pubic bone by the Russian pathologist). Her body was laid outside on a piece of sheet after the autopsy. Who knows what organs have been removed and taken to Russia. What is not mentioned is, that the children had been given a tranquilizer via food or fluid, making them sleepy and to immobilize them so they would not fight back, before the cyanide capsule was placed inside their mouth, between the teeth, pressing the lower jaw against the upper, crushing the capsule that released the poison. The expression on the face of all six children in death do not show pain or agony, but calm and relaxed. They were unconscious before the final act and therefore did not know what happened to them. Mrs. Goebbels would have never wanted for her children to die in fear and agony. It was her and her husband’s decision to leave this realm taking their children with them. They had a much greater insight and understanding about life, soul, spirit and reincarnation. So did Adolf Hitler.

    Only those who know about these circumstances will understand this sentence from a speech by Adolf Hitler held on January 30, 1945:
    …”In this battle again, inner Asia will not win, but Europe – led by that nation that for one and a half thousand years has represented Europe as vanguard towards the East and will continue to do so in all eternity: Our great German Reich, the German nation!”…….

    There were other important figures who committed suicide toward the end of WWII and the years afterward. One of them was Karl Haushofer, who in 1919 founded the order of the “Brothers of Light” ( Brueder des Lichts ) later renamed Vril-Society ( Vril-Gesellschaft). On March 14, 1946 Haushofer first killed his wife and then committed suicide himself.

    Thank you, Mike for all you do, and continue to do. The past two years have been destructive in so many ways. There is more turbulence ahead. Blessings to you and all out there.

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