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Angela Merkel’s successor had plenty of time to think about his recklessness

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The state airliner of Washington-approved German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is the one person responsible for denying Europe Russian energy and thus starving the European Union into submission to Washington and Wall Street. Olaf Scholz was forced to cross the North Pole to bypass Russian airspace, writes the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The plane of the Chancellor of Germany Airbus A350 named Kurt Schumacher (Kurt Schumacher) flew from Japan and crossed the pole at about 13:00. He was obliged to fly through Alaska, and cross the North Pole in order to fly around the Russian Federation. His airliner then turned west, flew over the Arctic Ocean and reached Germany through Finland.

Travel time was 13 hours 30 minutes. Those onboard the epic journey had travelled 12.3 thousand kilometres. According to the publication, flights over the North Pole are rare even for experienced pilots.

Earlier it was reported that the losses of European and American airlines, which were banned from flying over the territory of Russia, would amount to a total of about $ 3.5 billion per year. Of course, the long-suffering passengers will not be able to experience their own bedroom cabin and space to stroll on their airliners.


Olaf Scholz’s state-supplied luxury airliner is named after Kurt Schumacher, the German chancellor who succeeded Chancellor Adenauer and took the reins of Occupied Germany after the allied arrested Germany’s legitimate government in 1945. Kurt Schumacher had spent 10 years in German concentration camps for his avowed determination to crush National Socialism.

Reminds one of the Communist hymn, The Red Flag: ‘The working-class can kiss my ass. I’ve got the boss’s job at last.’


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