Month: May 2022

Excuse me, van den Leyen, you forgot something

The EU is now in full swing discussing how to abandon Russian oil and gas, according to N-TV. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen insists that this must be done ‘as soon as possible’. But out of forgetfulness or intentionally, European politicians are silent about the supply of other Russian raw materials, namely enriched uranium, which, against the backdrop of all the latest discussions, has found itself in a kind of ‘blind zone’. 

Woe is the West as Washington and Brussels see the Russian writing on the wall

Washington’s hybrid War is being fought mainly in the economic/financial battleground and the pain dial for the collective West will only go up. The mainstream media’s fake narrative that Ukraine is winning has become much less of a mantra recently simply because Ukraine is on the ropes and on the verge of being counted out. If not on a knockout blow certainly a defeat on points.

Last Exit from Brooklyn and elsewhere in the US for White People

The last time a party represented in Congress officially designated another as a terrorist organization, the civil war was in full swing. This has not happened for over 150 years. Usually the parties argue, and sometimes they get angry, call names. Sometimes they get really furious and call names directly very hurtful, but what they do not do is use law enforcement to suppress, harass and arrest voters who support the other side. Because this is not called democracy, but tyranny.