Month: May 2022

The Sailor Cats of Amsterdam

In a city boasting more than one hundred kilometres of canals, it’s no surprise that Amsterdam is full of houseboats writes Annie Cooper. However, a houseboat in the historic Herengracht district is hiding something peculiar inside. It is the waterborne home to about 50 pussy cats and their kittens.

British Cops threaten comedians with police reports over transgender jokes

The UK Home Office has launched a new hate crime strategy to encourage citizens to be more vigilant about hate crimes. According to the publication, activists fear that because of such an approach, supporters of wokism will bombard the police with complaints about jokes on certain topics, including, for example, gender issues, because of which famous comedian Ricky Gervais recently came under a flurry of criticism.

My Way or Highway  Orbán tells Brussels Mobsters

Just as the heads of state and government were gathering in Brussels for a two-day summit to discuss a new set of sanctions against Russia – or rather, scraping the bottom of the barrel for anything else they could chastise Putin with, Hungary restated its position that it cannot stand behind the proposed sanctions.

Mercenaries Trapped in Ukraine face capital punishment

DONETSK, May 27 The Prosecutor General’s Office of the DPR has completed the investigation into the criminal case of foreign mercenaries from Great Britain, Poland and Morocco, they may face the death penalty, Viktor Gavrilov, head of the department for investigating crimes against peace and human security of the republic’s Prosecutor General’s Office, told RIA Novosti.

Washington’s Monkey Business in Nigeria and Taboo Topics stay off the radar

The Russian Ministry of Defence has revealed the details of the US military-biological activities on the territory of Ukraine. In particular, the department reported that Ukraine and the United States refused to provide information to the UN about joint developments. In addition, the ministry drew attention to numerous facts of safety violations in Ukrainian laboratories, and also called for checking US laboratories in Nigeria due to the spread of monkeypox.