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Russia begs for more sanctions as energy prices skyrocket

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Russia continues to profit enormously by selling energy products, oil and gas despite sanctions but thanks to Western sanctions. During the two months of the military special operation in Ukraine, Russia earned an incredible €62 billion from the sale of oil and gas, reports BFM TV.  Thank you, Joe Steel.

According to the TV channel, despite the sanctions, the country’s income from energy trade increased, thanks to the rise in prices on the world market. In this regard, the question arises about the effectiveness of the restrictions imposed on Moscow. The income received from European countries still helps it finance a special operation in Ukraine, the host notes.

Yes, in terms of fossil energy sources, mainly oil and gas, they brought Russia 62 billion euros in two months of a military special operation in Ukraine, of which 44 billion came from the countries of the European Union. In absolute terms, this does not say much, but if we compare these figures with last year, we will see that Russia exported 12 billion euros worth of hydrocarbons to the EU countries on average every month. Now their value has grown to 22 billion. Income from energy sources has almost doubled.

Russia is apparently doing well with trade since their pre-emptive attack on Ukraine’s armed forces that in February were poised to invade and crush the Donbas and Lugansk Republics that had opted for independence from Washington sponsored Kiev.

This does not mean that the sanctions had no effect. Russian oil exports are down 30 per cent since January – but as oil supply shrinks in the market, prices rose 33 per cent from mid-January to mid-April, thereby enormously boosting Russia’s revenues.


With regard to gas, the situation is even more glaring. Since the countries of the European Union cannot do without Russian gas, it makes up 50 per cent of all gas imported by Germany, and more than 75 per cent of imports in countries such as Austria and Finland, we continue to buy it at exorbitant tariffs, because gas prices have risen from January 1 at 85 per cent. All this, obviously, raises questions about the effectiveness of sanctions against Russia, because most of the proceeds from the sale of hydrocarbons go to the budget of the Russian state thus financing a conflict that the dumb west keeps promoting. Source and video


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