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The Dull Pawn of Washington who Slashed Europe’s Jugular Vein

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The German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is in despair. As the Nord Stream 2 project is buried, fishing and agriculture are suffering from high energy prices. 

At the bottom of the Baltic Sea lies a colossal corpse. Weighing tons, 2,460 kilometres long, encased in concrete and forged from heavy-duty special steel. Brand new, ready to go, and yet dead,’ says the journalist of the publication. 

Nord Stream 2 was supposed to become the main energy artery supplying 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year to the territory of the European Union. Seven-figure sums were invested in it, it took three years to build. The pipeline has been ready for operation since September 2021. Five months later, on February 22, Washington-sponsored German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stopped the certification and thereby buried the German-Russian megaproject.

Greifswald entrepreneur Michael Bertram cannot understand this. ’Why do people slam doors every day that they actually need?’ he wonders. 

FILE – The landfall facilities of the ‘Nord Stream 2’ gas pipeline are pictured in Lubmin, northern Germany, Feb. 15, 2022. Nord Stream 2 is a 1,230-kilometer-long (764-mile-long) natural gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea, running from Russia to Germany’s Baltic coast. The United States unleashed some of its toughest actions against Russian President Vladimir Putin right after he rolled his troops into Ukraine. Polls show people want the U.S. to do more. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)

Standing at the Lubmin pier, Michael Bertram looks out over the harbour through which Nord Stream 2 enters the German mainland. Behind the dunes and pines, the structures of engine rooms, warehouses and factory chimneys rise high into the sky. 

After the reunification of Germany, many enterprises settled on the site of the decommissioned nuclear power plant. The land is owned by Fresendorf’s technology and energy trust, on whose supervisory board Bertram has been a member for two years. Now he fears that the name may soon cease to be appropriate: ‘If there is no more energy in the future, we will certainly cease to be the location of energy companies.’

According to Bertram, in the days of the Soviet Bloc’s GDR, Lubmin was a dirty hole. Only thanks to the development of the industrial zone, the decayed seaside resort could be revived. Revenues from Nord Stream 2 helped the community during the coronavirus pandemic when there were few tourists. 

Now, due to the gas shutdown, €2 million in business taxes are being lost, a quarter of the annual income emphasizes Compact. Projects such as the new museum of local lore or the reconstruction of the city square will have to be postponed here for the time being.

As the newspaper notes, thanks to cooperation with Russia, not only the city of Lubmin, but the entire federal land has found new hope. Vorpommern, the eastern part of the land with an underdeveloped structure, is considered one of the poorest regions in Germany. 

It is all the more gratifying that a network of subcontractors has begun to grow around the gas pipes, creating hundreds of jobs. Gas for Europe, which was supposed to operate the 54-kilometre German section of the pipeline, equipped schools with computers and subsidized sports and culture, such as the Baltic Philharmonic Youth Orchestra or the Bundesliga volleyball team SSC Schwerin.

Now the villages of Pomerania are preparing for the collapse. Some colleagues have already bought 30,000-litre tankers and filled them with diesel fuel to cope with the harvest, farmers say. 

If the pro-sanctions cult gets their way by demanding an embargo on Russian energy, there will be a threat of a widespread blackout. The Berlin regime tries in vain to reassure the public by citing contingency plans in the event of a gas cut. However, no one knows how reliable they are.

The situation in which a Greifswald bakery company receives a notification from an electricity supplier that it will be one of the first to be disconnected from the network when the third emergency stage of the plan begins to operate, the author of the material considers alarming. 


One of the largest food producers in the region will be closed due to a supply crisis? ’We have to prepare ourselves,’ says a farmer named Fischer. With Nord Stream 2, it seems that not only the gas pipeline is finally buried, but also trust in politics and faith in a reliable future. Source


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