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Hungary Defies the Unelected EU Commission

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Budapest will never support sanctimonious sanctions against Russia, said Gergel Gulyash, head of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s office. He threatened the European Commission with the fact that the authorities of his country would veto the embargo on Russian energy supplies because there is nothing to replace them. 

‘To switch to other energy sources, it takes five years and a lot of money, and Brussels not only gives nothing but, on the contrary, withholds payments,’ the Hungarian politician complains.

Budapest has threatened Brussels with a veto on its sanctions against Russian oil and gas, according to Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten. The Hungarian Prime Minister’s chief of staff, Gergel Gulyash, said: ‘Speaking clearly and clearly, we will never support punitive measures.’

In the EU, such measures require the consent of all member countries of the union, the newspaper notes.’ Since they can only be adopted unanimously, it makes no sense that the European Commission is proposing sanctions that limit the current Hungarian imports,’ Gulyash explained. According to him, now no one can replace energy supplies from Russia. Switching to other sources of energy would take five years and ‘cost lots of (taxpayer) money,’ he added.

The commission not only does not give them, but withholds them, complained the head of the prime minister’s office, hinting at financial assistance from the EU recovery fund, which Brussels was supposed to pay to Budapest, but did not do this under the pretext that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán could give this money to ‘oligarch friends.’


At the same time, it was the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who in the past was involved in dubious transactions worth billions of euros, the publication emphasizes. And Hungary, from the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine, supported all EU sanctions against Moscow but firmly rejected the supply of weapons to Kyiv. Source


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