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Sex Scandal Canadian General captured using a civilian corridor didn’t help him

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General Trevor John Cadieu, captured and caged by Russian troops while trying to escape from the cellars of Azovstal, was the commander of the Canadian Ground Forces, APA reports citing Mailbd.

Lurking in the catacombs under the Mariupol steel plant Azovstal ultras staged broke a ceasefire by creating a provocation in a failed attempt to hide the Canadian general’s attempt to escape. After the capture of a high-ranking foreign soldier by units of the RF Armed Forces, it became clear why so many international efforts were made to save him.

Retired and classed as ‘a high-ranking mercenary’ the Canadian culprit tried to break out of the encirclement at Azovstal several times. It was for this that the humiliated West insisted on humanitarian corridors for the exit of civilians: among them, foreign specialists had to leave the catacombs.

According to media reports, the general’s name is Trevor Kadieu. Seven months ago, he was appointed to the post of commander of the Canadian Army, but before the inauguration, he was involved in a sex scandal. In the harassment that occurred back in 1994, he was accused by a former colleague. The general called the accusations false, but in April 2022 he retired from military service.

It is claimed the senior leader in the Canadian Armed Forces has retired and altruistically travelled to Ukraine to help defend the country from Russia’s invasion while still under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct. The Department of National Defence confirmed Thursday that lieutenant-general Trevor Cadieu retired on April 5 after more than 30 years in uniform, even as military police continue their investigation into his sexual misconduct.

Cadieu, who has previously denied any wrongdoing, could not be reached for comment on Thursday while the Defence Department declined to confirm his whereabouts. ‘As he is now a private citizen, it would be inappropriate for us to comment further on his personal plans,’ Le Bouthillier said. Defence officials have previously said Armed Forces members can be charged for crimes allegedly committed while in uniform even after they retire.

Cadieu’s sudden retirement and departure come more than six months after the popular officer was slated to take command of the Canadian Army, with some military insiders predicting his eventual appointment as chief of the defence staff.


Cadieu is one of several senior commanders to be investigated by military police for alleged sexual misconduct in the past year. Those allegations have forced a reckoning within the military over its failure to address inappropriate behaviour. They also sparked criticism of the Liberal government’s handling of the issue and calls for more external oversight of the military. General Trevor John Cadieu will be tried by court in Moscow at an as yet undisclosed date.


This report by The Canadian Press was first published April 21, 2022.

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