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Rent a Coffin catches on in Sanction Happy Absurdistan

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An unusual funeral service is gaining popularity in the United Kingdom, reports The Sun. According to the publication, many Britons are so seriously short of funds that they have to rent decorative coffins for their deceased relatives.

Funeral homes allow families in financial difficulty to pay for a decorative coffin to be used during service and burial. After the ceremony, the body is moved into a cardboard or wooden box, which is left in the ground or cremated, the publication explains.   As a result, grieving relatives can save significantly on funeral services. After all, the average cost of a rented coffin is ₤250, while its purchase can cost ₤750.

The National Association of Funeral Homes confirmed to the publication that they are increasingly offering coffin rentals to customers amid the chaos of day-to-day spending sweeping the country. ‘This is one of several options available that can help families,’ a spokesperson for the organization said.

 ‘If we can rent things for other events, including weddings, wedding dresses and limousines, then why not do the same for funerals? Sophia Campbell, the Dorset bureau owner, rhetorically asks. However, other business representatives are not so optimistic about the situation.


‘The move is the latest sign that the cost-of-living crisis is literally becoming a killer problem,’ a source told the periodical. This rental market saves families thousands of pounds, but unfortunately, they have to come to terms with the fact that their loved one is not in a closed coffin. It is this type of pressure that will exacerbate already existing mental health problems.’ Source



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