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American arrested for posting stickers accusing Biden of rising prices

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In Pennsylvania, situated in the Land of the Free, police have arrested American Thomas Richard Glazewski for putting up satirical stickers with the face of Joe Biden at gas stations, accusing him of rising fuel prices, writes Fox News. As the channel notes, against the backdrop of rising oil prices, stickers with a similar message have become extremely popular in the United States.

American Thomas Richard Glazewski was charged with criminal charges last week after he was arrested in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The reason for the detention was that the man was putting up satirical stickers with the image of US President Joe Biden at gas stations at a local gas station, writes Fox News.

A political sticker mocking President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris is seen next to a gas pump display showing a transaction in Los Angeles, Monday, March 7, 2022. The price of regular gasoline broke $4 per gallon on average across the U.S. on Sunday for the first time since 2008. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

According to Lancaster Online, Glazewski of the town of Manor was charged with the petty crime of resisting arrest. In addition, he was also charged with disorderly conduct, harassment and malicious infliction of harm.

Judging by the video that appeared on social networks, Glazewski, pointing to stickers with Biden, shouted: ‘I did it! This I did! That’s what I did!’

According to the indictment documents, the police took him to the parking lot of a gas station. At the same time, the suspect suffered ‘from injuries that he inflicted on himself,’ which is why the ambulance had to take him to the hospital. In addition, according to one witness, Glazewski applied some kind of compound to the stickers to make them harder to peel off.

Meanwhile, stickers accusing Biden of skyrocketing gas prices began to appear at gas stations across the US. At the same time, a pack of 100 of these stickers can be purchased on Amazon for $10-$13.

According to Javier Estrada Ovalles, who sells stickers both online and in his store in El Monte, California, the demand for this category of goods has increased from 20 or 30 orders a day to 80 in the last month. Source

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