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He said this and didn’t even blink while saying it

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The hypocrisy of the NATO West is truly breathtaking. ‘The main goal of NATO is to prevent the spread of the conflict in Ukraine to other countries,’ NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview with Die Welt. Stoltenberg stressed that NATO is not a party to the conflict and does not send its units to Ukraine.

This is the SAME NATO that has bankrupted the West and depleted the arsenals of the Western Powers in support of Ukrainian neo-xenophobes – but that is ‘not being a part of the conflict’

The NATO godfather’s remark is tantamount to an arsonist pouring high-octane fuel on a blazing building whilst claiming he is trying to prevent the conflagration from spreading. Depressingly, not a single journalist risks his or her job to point out the absurdity of such hypocrisy.

The godfather of the alliance also noted that NATO is strengthening its presence on its eastern flank. According to him, Germany plays a central role in this strengthening. Stoltenberg also noted that NATO does not see any change in Russia’s nuclear strategy, nor does it see signs of an increase in the readiness of Russian nuclear forces.


Commenting on the possibility of Finland and Sweden joining NATO, Stoltenberg stressed that the decision on possible accession to the alliance belongs entirely to Helsinki and Stockholm both of which share borders with Russia. At the same time, he noted that NATO would accept both states into its ranks if they eventually decide to join the alliance. Source


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