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French Election Fraud as Millions of Le Pen Ballots are discovered – after the stolen election (Video)

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If you thought the U.S. election in 2020 was bad, it’s nothing compared to the sham election that just went down in France. Emmanuel Macron, a former Rothschild banker and World Economic Forum ’Young Global Leader,’ may have been crowned the ‘winner’, but millions of Le Pen voters lost their ballots and rights on Sunday.

In France, if a ballot is damaged, it cannot be cast. So, the political establishment, which was desperate to install Macron in office for another five years, arranged for the destruction of millions of Le Pen ballots.

Lendman says it appears Macron has won again “the old fashioned way.”

Following an eerily similar script from the last French presidential election in 2017, evidence circulating on Twitter shows the same issue which reared its head at that time, spoiled ballots. In 2017 the UK Daily Mail reported that there were 4.2 million ‘spoiled ballots’ reported by election authorities, an enormous number in an election in which a total of 36 million people voted.

A spoiled ballot is a ballot which has extraneous marks on it, is defaced, torn, or otherwise unacceptable. They are automatically rejected and cannot be counted. Typically, spoiled ballots in the US cannot exceed 1%.

In 2017 the UK report assumed that 4.2 million people in France had spoiled their own ballots, speculating that:

‘a record-breaking 12 per cent of French voters were projected to have spoiled their ballots, seemingly put off by both politicians [Macron and Le Pen] who are not members of establishment parties.’

Fast forward to 2022 and the UK Guardian reports: ‘The number of spoiled votes, and the abstention rate were also alarmingly high.’ But no exact numbers of spoiled votes are available. Why won’t the authorities release the number of spoiled votes?

Stephen Lendman reports that in 2017: ‘Only Le Pen’s ballots showed up damaged or destroyed, none for Macron.’

As of today, Le Pen’s name is consistently prefaced with the descriptor ‘far right’ even though Macron escapes any prejudicial descriptor. However, Le Pen rejects ‘Frexit’ similar to Britain’s Brexit from the EU, and says she would place French troops ‘neither under an integrated NATO command nor under a future European command…’ Le Pen calls Macron a ‘globalist puppet.’


Pre-election polls had Macron and Le Pen running neck and neck, within margin of error, as recently as April 10. The spoiled ballots shown in the video below, all Le Pen’s, all have disqualifying tears in about the same place. Spoiled ballots are held by the French government. Source


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