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Missouri and Louisiana prosecutors file lawsuit against US President Joe Biden

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On Thursday, May 5, Missouri and Louisiana state attorneys filed a lawsuit against US President Joe Biden and a number of other high-ranking officials, including US White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, as well as the chief medical adviser to the president and leading American infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci. 

The lawsuit accuses them of colluding with social media to ‘censor and suppress free speech.’ According to the plaintiffs, these officials cooperated with Meta (recognized as an extremist in the Russian Federation and banned), Twitter and YouTube to prevent the dissemination of ‘truthful information related to COVID-19, the issue of election integrity and other topics.’

‘Missourians and Americans, in general, use social media, which is ubiquitous in modern society, to discuss topics such as the effectiveness of wearing masks and theories about the leakage from the laboratory. In direct violation of the First Amendment and freedom of speech, the Biden administration has engaged in a destructive campaign by pressuring major social networks to censor and suppress free speech, and working directly with these platforms to achieve censorship in this baseless campaign against Orwellian ‘disinformation’. Missouri Attorney Eric Schmitt said.


Missouri and Louisiana are among those states where the position of the Republican Party is strong, among the Republicans, there are quite a lot of opponents of vaccination against COVID-19 and supporters of various conspiracy theories about the pandemic. Louisiana was one of the states that filed a lawsuit last year against the US administration’s mandate to vaccinate employees of private companies with more than 100 employees. Source


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