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One Thousand Car Parade in Support of Russia after Washington attempts to divide Europeans

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A car parade in support of Russia was held in Cologne on Sunday, according to the German magazine Focus. At first, about 150 motorcyclists took part in it, including from the Night Wolves biker club. After that, several hundred cars with Russian flags drove through the streets of the city. According to journalists, over a thousand people took part in the action.

Amid the Russian military special operation in Ukraine, about a thousand people gathered in Cologne to express their support for Russia, according to the German magazine Focus. First, about 150 motorcyclists rode a motorcycle parade along the outskirts of Cologne. Some motorcycles were equipped with Russian flags. According to the publication, members of the well-known biker club Night Wolves were also present among the participants in this action.

Later, several hundred cars gathered on the Fühlinger See and gradually dispersed in the middle of the day. Many had flags of Russia on their hoods, and the companions of some drivers waved flags from their windows.

National anthem and “Kalinka” – Pro -Russian motorcade drives through Stuttgart

As reported in the article, due to the fact that about 50 people with Ukrainian flags gathered at one point of the planned route, the route was changed. The police wanted to avoid clashes between members of different groups.

One participant affixed the flag of the Soviet Union to his Lada
Source: dpa/Christoph Schmidt


At first, the police refused to estimate the number of participants in the motorcade. According to a DPA reporter at the scene, the crowd was large and the number of registered participants, which was 1,000 people in several hundred vehicles, was probably reached or exceeded. 150 participants were registered to participate in the motorcycle parade – according to police estimates, about as many of them were actually present in the motorcade.

As the newspaper notes, a pro-Ukrainian demonstration was planned for Sunday evening in another district of Cologne, at which about 10 thousand participants were expected. Source


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