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Macron sparks outrage after EU symbol replaces French flag over National War Memorial to France’s Martyred Dead

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France’s President Macron whose controversial election echoed that of US President Joe Biden has sparked furious protests after the French President replaced the national flag that traditionally adorns the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with the European Union’s flag.

Emmanuel Macron is already off to a controversial start to the new presidential year after he replaced the French flag over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with an EU flag. The symbolic gesture, intended to mark the start of Paris’s six-month presidency of the European Union, has ignited a flurry of furious protests. Presidential rival Marine Le Pen demanded officials immediately ‘take down’ the EU flag. 

The blue EU flag with 12 golden stars was placed on the famous Arc de Triomphe as France took up its presidency at the Council of the European Union, one of the bloc’s decision-making bodies. The EU globalist symbol was also projected onto government buildings and cultural landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre.

Ms Le Pen said: ‘To adorn the Arc de Triomphe with the sole colours of the European Union, without the presence of a national flag, is a real attack on our nation’s identity. This monument honours our military victories and houses the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.’

The anti-immigrant nationalist leader accused Mr Macron of ‘betraying the duties of his office and displaying arrogant contempt for our history for the sake of personal ambition’.

Ms Le Pen, who was considered to be Macron’s key rival for this year’s presidential elections, claimed the French President had given a ‘direct order’ to hang the flag. In a tweet on New Year’s Eve, Ms Le Pen demanded President Macron immediately return the French tricolour to the Arc de Triomphe.


She added she would appeal to the Council of State, which acts as the legal adviser of the executive, to remove the EU flag. She suggested that the decision to replace the national flag with that of the EU violates several articles of the French Constitution.

Junior European Affairs Minister Clement Beaune tried to downplay the controversy, insisting the display was only temporary. Source


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